Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller


Sagittarius is known to be the “bachelor sign” because you are careful and slow to make a commitment. This is a generalization of course, but as a Sagittarius, you want to make your life as big and broad as you can dream it to be, and travel is always an important element. If your intended partner prefers to stay at home, that could be a deal-breaker. Nevertheless, could it be true that this month you are ready to promise your heart to someone you love? It very well might be, and here’s why.

On June 6 you will have five heavenly bodies in Gemini, your contractual marriage sector (seventh house)—the new moon (opportunity), the Sun (your determination and will), Venus (happiness), Mercury (agreements), and your ruler Jupiter (the planet of good fortune), whose job it is to take great care of you.

Jupiter has not been in this area of your chart for 12 years, and he just entered Gemini on May 25. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will remain in your marriage, partnership, and serious collaboration house for a full year, until June 9, 2025. For the first eight days of June, Mars will be in Aries, your truelove sector, and he will beam support to the love and marriage area of your chart. If you didn’t get engaged in May, you might become betrothed or wed in June, a great time to do so.

The idea of marriage may have sounded impossible a year or two ago, but you have been through two important eclipses (April 19, 2023, and April 8, 2024) that were both in Aries, your truelove sector, and next year you will have one more eclipse in the same sign and house (March 29, 2025). Remarkably, all three are solar eclipses—new moons on steroids—which are known to create a fresh beginning, so what may have felt so improbable to you in recent history may seem logical and doable now. You have grown in maturity, and you are ready for more—marriage may be in your picture.

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