Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller

My insurance broker laughed out loud when I insisted on a flood rider in my homeowner insurance. He bellowed, “You live on the thirtieth floor of a New York City high-rise. You don’t need flood insurance!” That was years ago, but that day I persisted and insisted until I got it, so he sold me the extra rider to cover water damage in my apartment. I am still in the same place and have never had a problem with water over the years—not until now.

I am not a Sagittarius, but I was vulnerable regarding water for other reasons. As you may already know, on April 16 this year I had a massive flood in my apartment that was so big I have to move out for nine months while my contractor works to fix things. Although insurance companies are never generous, it’s better to have some payment than none.

With two full moons in Capricorn, you will be spending money, but cash could also be flowing in because Mars, the action planet, will be in Taurus, your work-a-day sector, so if you are part of the workforce, you will find it to be a buzzing beehive. If you are out of work, you can find a part-time or full-time job similar to what you’ve done before and on the same level. To move up in stature, you would have to wait for the new moon in Virgo on September 2 and the days that follow to find a better position with more responsibility, power, and money.

Plan to travel far and wide in August while Mercury retrogrades from August 4 to August 28—nothing earth shattering will happen during that time, so you won’t miss out on any opportunities.

Your unsinkable, bright optimism is such a big part of the luck you will experience—it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

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