Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Sagittarius

Yet this is a full moon with riddles. At the same time, Neptune will be in hard angle to the Sun in Gemini and full moon in Sagittarius, so you may still be feeling some uncertainty. Neptune will want to make you idealistic, so it may throw a veil over reality, making life seem perfect regarding one part of your life, but it will throw you off. You might assume things are better than they really are or that a certain person has a sterling past—find out.

Life is never straightforward or black or white but rather mixed. You may be particularly conflicted when it comes to a romantic relationship if you are single and not dating seriously, or if you are dating seriously, you could be uneasy about the relationship. There are parts about your partner you find pleasing and things you don’t like about your partner at all. This could leave you feeling that you can never fully embrace this relationship because you are too conflicted. Most people stay in a relationship out of convenience thinking it is just too hard to leave, but sometimes that is necessary. The full moon of June 14 will give you clues of what to do.

If you are getting engaged, know your partner well. If you are choosing a collaborator or hiring an expert to help you in your business, ask for references, and do a background check.

Whatever comes to culmination at this full moon (plus five days)—whether that be a job, a trip, a relationship, matters related to a child, or another element in your life—you will know that it is the one most important factors in your life. Think of this full moon as a kind of litmus test.

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