Sagittarius Horoscope for July 2024

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JULY 2024

Dear Reader,

You might already know that I had a flood in my apartment suddenly one evening on April 16. I was writing a article for Vogue Japan. It was due at midnight (noon in Tokyo), and I was finished with my 7,528-word piece and was doing spell check when suddenly there was a pounding on my door. It was the building maintenance man saying that he needed to check my bathroom for a flood.

Dumbfounded, I welcomed him in and showed him that there was no flood at all in the larger of my two bathrooms. He asked me to next show him my tiny bathroom in my bedroom, and when I opened the door to my bedroom I was horrified. I felt my bare feet on squishy, soaked-with-water, wall-to wall carpeting. The water had oddly taken a right turn into my neighbor’s apartment.

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Your July 2024 Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller

This month you will be addressing your finances and looking closely to where your money goes—savings, investments, and regular payments that you make during the course of a typical month. You seem to be on a mission to keep more of what you earn, and the new moon July 5 will help you with that goal.

Indeed, the new moon on July 5 in Cancer at 14 degrees is a peach. It will bring your attention to your eighth house of other people’s money. This area of your chart does not rule salary but rather money that comes to you outside of salary. It often arrives as one large lump sum.

Eighth house money includes bank loans, mortgages, credit cards and lines of credit, bonuses, taxes (both taxes you pay and tax refunds you might receive). It rules inheritances, scholarships, financial aid, government programs that provide financial help, financial court cases and divorce settlements, insurance payouts, venture capital, commissions, royalties, residuals, severance, prize winnings, valuable gifts, and proceeds from the sale of property.

Finally, this house also rules the benefits your company may provide you as perks, benefits that you don’t have to pay for, such as health insurance or tuition payments, that are quite valuable. This is the house of the horoscope that points to money you need to fund your biggest dreams, such as to go to college, buy a house, renovate a condo, start your own business, or take an exciting trip of a lifetime, as five examples.

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