Sagittarius Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This new moon of July 9 (and the days to follow) might well bring a sum of money from another source—from the sale of real estate. You may be the broker (in that case you would get a commission), or you may be the seller, where, again, the person paying will want the price negotiated.

Sometimes Pluto refers to money owed in taxes, and in that case, it is nearly impossible to negotiate the sum with the government, but you could try to get a payment plan if needed.

Neptune in your home sector will be in very sweet angle to the Sun and new moon in your joint money (eighth) house, so you may find you are negotiating with an insurance company over a matter involving your property that you rent or own. An example would be if there were a flood, other water problem, or other damage to the apartment or house. If the matter is real estate, you should get a very happy resolve because Jupiter is currently in Pisces, your fourth house of home and property—Jupiter will protect you until July 28 (and then again for many months in 2022) in a rare and special trend.

The eighth house also rules inheritance, so you may be given funds from a kind relative who has remembered you in their will. With Pluto active, a member of the family could be upset with the wording of the will and want to challenge it in court if they feel they deserve more. Still, with Jupiter in your fourth house of family, I feel you will do fine, so do not worry.

Circle these two banner days on your calendar—July 10 and July 20—as special career days for you to schedule an interview, make a presentation or to call on an important client to make a sale, as some examples. Be confident that you will do well.

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