Sagittarius Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Sagittarius

If you plan to give a party, put that off too, and that includes charity benefits for the donations are likely to come in lower than expected. If you are single and hoping to find new love, this would not be the best month to have a fateful first meeting. Venus rules love and affection, but if you start your new relationship when Venus is retrograde, affection between you may turn out to be capped at a low level for the term of the relationship. Wait to meet that new person your best friends want to introduce you to, and you will be glad you waited. Venus only retrogrades every 18 months, so once you reach January 29, you will be free and clear.

Venus’ little brother Mercury is being a copycat, and his retrograde will overlap with that of Venus. Mercury will be out of phase from January 14 to February 3.

Mercury will be in the digital sign of Aquarius when it retrogrades, so you might have problems with your computer. Make sure your malware protection is up to date. Mercury will be in your communication sector, so when you reply to a group email, make sure you are replying only to the appropriate people before you hit “send.” Also, don’t leave a sensitive document in the copy machine, for if you do, in a moment’s flash, the entire department will know its contents. Before you hand in a document, do spell check—don’t skip that step.

Of course, Mercury in retrograde is not the time to buy electronic items (including a car) because you may later feel you bought the wrong model or in other ways will find you won’t enjoy the item you purchased. Don’t sign a contract this month either because later, you may feel you agreed to certain points that you should have changed or negotiated. If you feel you would miss out on the opportunity if you don’t sign, then you may have to do so. In that case, I will insist that you hire a lawyer to look at the contract before you sign. With Mercury retrograde, you can’t afford to skip that step. As my mother used to repeat (a famous axiom): Act in haste, repent at leisure.

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