Sagittarius Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Sagittarius

The Aquarius new moon on February 9 may find you focused on a communications project, doing a lot of writing, speaking, editing, translating, or research. It appears you will be working on a product or service or exploring a very new area—Aquarius is associated with science, high tech, mathematics, and all things that society will use in the future. There will be plenty to learn, and this will appeal to you. Besides ruling scientific matters, Aquarius (where six planets will be based this month) is also associated with the study of all things little understood, and that includes astrology.

This new moon may also bring a need for you to travel for your job. If you go, you will have to be organized and ready to face almost any reaction from your client. This is a very flawed, chaotic new moon, and it will be jarring in its message. A work project may suddenly and unexpectedly go in the wrong direction, and it will be up to you to get things back on track. That this may happen on a new moon means you probably won’t be able to find an easy or quick solution. Instead, it could take months, but your reputation will not be harmed, so don’t worry about that. Work methodically, step by step—there is no need to rush.

Your career will be your main focus at the full moon in Virgo on February 24, and it will deliver its message within four days of this date. At that time, you will enjoy a high profile in your company or possibly your industry. This is the major full moon of the year for your professional advancement. If you take on a new position, it will be a weighty role with an impressive title.

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