Sagittarius Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Sagittarius

You have a wonderful edge during this full moon—Jupiter in Taurus, your house of work-a-day matters, will be at an ideal angle to the Sun and full moon. If you need to hire an assistant or someone to support you, ask during your interview—your prospective employer seems open to approving your request for additional help.

Let’s talk about romance for a moment, for Valentine’s Day is on February 14. The coming months will be better for love, but the glowing aspect you have on this magical day for lovers is that the transiting moon will be in Taurus and conjunct your ruler Jupiter, also in Taurus. Taurus is not a sign that is especially fluent with Sagittarius, but the fact that your ruler is involved can change everything. Taurus is a very sensuous sign that appreciates fine foods, wine, imported perfume, and fresh flowers, and when they give a gift, it is often from an esteemed retailer. For all these reasons, I feel you will enjoy Valentine’s Day.

On Thursday, February 22, Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, will make a rare conjunction in your house of short-distance travel. If you want to take a short romantic getaway, and you have vacation time coming, consider leaving on Thursday, February 22, and returning Sunday, February 25. For part of your time away, you will have the transient moon in Leo, a perfect sign for you to enjoy a touch of luxury, beauty, and love. This quick-moving, transiting moon will be journeying through your house of distant travel. It seems to present an experience that will be just your cup of tea. Plan to be back by Sunday, though—you have good news coming in your career!


When you feel you’ve been handling a little too much stress in life, you look to travel for release. This month, however, long-distance or foreign travel doesn’t seem possible, for you might encounter problems on such atrip. Additionally, new work projects seem to make it harder to take a week or two off. You will need to concentrate on the tasks at hand without distraction. You might want to limit your getaways by taking only one or two days off that fall on a Thursday or Friday to run into weekends.

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