Pisces Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If Mars retrograde were not enough to make us all feel life is moving so slowly that we feel like we are watching maple sap drip from a tree into a bucket, Mercury’s concurrent retrograde will certainly do it.

If you need any new electronic items—a new computer, smart phone, headphones, air conditioner, new dishwasher, vacuum cleaner—get it now, or wait until early December to buy it. I always want you to leave a space of as many days as possible between a retrograde and actions that you take. Mercury rules electronics, and right now, Mars in Aries has a link to all new technological products, the reason I would like you to shop early in September, immediately, to avoid Mars’ retrograde as well as Mercury’s retrograde next month.

All of this indicates that the economy of the world will slow down in coming months. Additionally, I anticipate a second wave of the virus in October and November. Jupiter and Pluto have been working together to spread the coronavirus since they first met April 4.

Jupiter and Pluto meet every 13 years. Usually that is cause for celebration, but this year, Jupiter was a little drunk when having dinner with Pluto and, happy to see his old friend, when asked to help Pluto spread the virus, being the planet expert at expanding anything he touches, Jupiter said to Pluto, sure, I would be happy to help you. (Jupiter, what were you thinking?)

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