Pisces Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now, getting back to this month, put a big circle around September 9, one of the best days of the month, when good-fortune Jupiter will be contacted by the mighty Sun. This is one of the very best days of the month to form an agreement with another person.

The theme of agreements will grow even bigger by the new moon of September 17 in Virgo, your opposite sign (that is, found six signs away from yours on the horoscope wheel). This new moon will encourage the formation of a partnership in love, such as for an engagement or marriage, or in business, such as when you sign with a new agent, lawyer, accountant, wedding planner, designer, contractor—anyone who will help you in a one-to-one way. This is a good time to talk, but not a good time to actually make the final agreement, whether in person, verbally, or in writing. Hold off for some weeks. You can talk, explore, and negotiate, but don’t sign yet. Here is why.

Mars is now in Aries, a very strong place for Mars to be (Mars governs Aries). Mars has lately been raising your expenses, so if you have been writing larger-than-usual checks since June 27, the day Mars entered your second house of your personal income, you now know you can blame Mars. You may be spending on your education, your own business, buying a house, renovating one, or having a baby. Big decisions like these cause us all to spend more, but later we feel it all was worthwhile.

Mars is not leaving Aries, your second house of income and spending, anytime soon, for he is set to stay until January 6, 2021. This is an unusually long time for Mars to stay in any one house, for his usual stay is six weeks, not six months. If you have no idea yet what you may be spending on in the coming months, you might want to hold back and be conservative in your spending until you have the lay of the land.

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