Pisces Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Jupiter will be in the wings and, from your solar eleventh house of hopes and wishes, will send sweet vibrations to Neptune. This is a major plus, because Neptune, the planet of imagination and creativity, and Jupiter are both your rulers. Jupiter was your ancient ruler before Neptune was discovered in 1946. Modern astrologers look at both when forecasting for you, for whenever Jupiter and Neptune are together in aspect, something that is not very commonplace because they are slow-moving planets, you do exceptionally well.

Let me say that again—having both of your rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) working together is really good. Jupiter is the planet that brings good fortune—its ties to financial gain are legendary. Indeed, another quality of Jupiter is that he amplifies everything he touches—Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Neptune is known to promote flowering, artistic expression done with enormous originality. This year, Jupiter, as the great expander, is enlarging your creative thinking and offering possibilities of financial gain from your originality. This is the environment in which you, dear Pisces, are operating. It does not matter what field you direct your energies—creative thinking is there. It could be fashion, art, design, music, literature, mathematics, law—original thinking can be applied anywhere to anything, and that is the magic of the universe.

If you were to be experimental and work on a big idea or a major creative effort, now is the time. Jupiter and Neptune will be close in September and in perfect aspect by October 12, next month, but they will start to move apart in November, and they’ll be too far apart by December 2020, not to be close again until March 2022 (to reach a perfect conjunction aspect on April 12, 2022). As you see, this month is an important time for you to work hard on your creative an artistic ideas.

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