Pisces Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you write or edit or give speeches for a living, the news might involve a new or finished assignment. If it is finished, the praise will come now. Uranus is tied to the digital world, so the job you are either finishing or have just been awarded seems to be in a new realm, such as an app, TV show, or podcast to appear on a smart phone or tablet. A kind friend or sibling may be instrumental in the luck you have at this full moon in the first week in September.

Uranus is in your third house of short, quick travel, and Uranus tends to bring up opportunities on the fly, so you may also get a surprise invitation to visit a friend or close relative at their country house for the coming weekend. (In the US, September 5-7 is the Labor Day weekend, a favorite for families to flee town.) If you have no plans, you may get a last minute offer that will be too good to pass up.

Uranus and the eleventh house are linked by this full moon, so from September 1 to September 5, a charity benefit, humanitarian activity, or other program you are involved with that aids those who need help may happen, with plenty of applause for you. It always feels good to make a strong contribution in improve others.

It is alternatively possible you will reach accord on an important contract or deal that you have been negotiating. As long as you’ve shown it to your lawyer (which is always wise), sign as quickly as you can, as the first week of September is so glorious for you.

It does not matter what field you direct your energies—creative thinking is there. It could be fashion, art, design, music, literature, mathematics, law—original thinking can be applied anywhere to anything, and that is the magic of the universe.

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