Pisces Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Additionally, Jupiter will send a beam to the full moon adding to the opportunity to enjoy romance, fun, and a feeling of celebration. That beam from Jupiter will grow to an exact aspect on September 9, another special day to put a star on, however, you will see how much your partner cares about your welfare as early as September 1.

Concern about money is going on in the background, and it seems to have to do with money someone owes you and has promised you, but has not delivered. Or it may be that you owe money on a loan or taxes (both ruled by Pluto, a culprit here), and you feel stress because you can’t quite find the funds to pay. You did not expect this situation, as you did nothing to bring it on. You may have to find contingency funds, possibly through a bank loan or a family member. This is a temporary situation, so don’t be too tense. All the pieces you are putting into place now will pay off big time in 2021, especially from mid-May through July 2021

Although Pluto is playing a part, it is Mars that is mainly causing this situation by being in the wrong place in your chart at the wrong time. Mars will not leave this position until January 6, 2021, months from now. Typically, any house of the horoscope Mars visits lasts for only six weeks, not six months, but due to a long retrograde of Mars from September 9 to November 13, this situation might drag on. You may need to be ready for tight cash flow for a little while. You may be in the process of a big lifestyle change (such as moving to a new house, going back to college, or having a baby). Those periods always cause expenses to rise. If you have no idea why you would be writing more checks, be conservative in your spending until you find out.

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