Pisces Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you don’t use this month’s heavy emphasis for a creative, artistic, or business venture, then perhaps you will become engaged or married. Certainly, with Venus and Mars, that sensuous couple positioned in your marriage house, it will be romantic and possibly even other-worldly and magical, spinning an enchanting episode. Indeed, this could work out to be the most romantic moment of the year.

Hopefully, you know your partner well and have a history together because Neptune, especially since it is conjunct the full moon, can put a gossamer veil over reality so that it looks beautiful but perhaps is not realistic. This danger would only relate to you if, in the rush of emotion, you decide to wed someone you don’t know well enough. If you do know the person well, then Neptune will simply make this period memorable, soft, and romantic. Your ruler is Neptune, so I feel you understand this planet better than anyone of any other sign. This particular full moon will mark an important moment in your timeline, so watch the messages it brings you within four days of September 13.

If your birthday falls on March 10, plus or minus five days, you will feel the effects of the September 13 full moon quite personally. You will also notice the effects of this full moon if you have a natal moon in Pisces or Pisces rising, in each case at 21 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. Take a look at your horoscope if you have it, and check to see if you have a planet in Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn—if you do, that planet will be lit up, and you will enjoy this full moon, too.

I can’t see every aspect of your unique chart from where I sit. I do feel that this full moon will be as I wrote and hope there is nothing in your own chart that would change that.

As September winds down, we come to the new moon of September 28 in Libra, your eighth house of other people’s money, at five degrees. The planets that were migrating out of your partnership/marriage house at the start of the month are still in a joyous mood and not ready to split up just yet, so they all just marched over to your eighth house together. You’ll have Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and new moon all in Libra. Mars is the only planet hanging behind in your partnership sector to finish details, but he will catch up and join the party in your house of other people’s money on October 3 until November 20.

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