Pisces Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The clue you receive might be subtle or dramatic, but once you hear it, you will know this is it. The message will be regarding a friendship, new acquaintance, or something to do with a group. If you hoped to join a club and had put in your application but still do not know whether you were accepted, you are likely to find out soon after September 18. In a month this glorious, I think you will like the news.

If you volunteer for a charity or political candidate, you will see plans go better with fewer delays. Most people receive that message within a few days of the date the planet changes direction (in your case now, close to September 18), but it could come at any time during the stationary period I listed. Stay alert and see what you learn.

I wanted to be sure to point out September 19, when Mars and Pluto will work together, linking a friend to a partnership matter. A friend may give your agent a tip that pays off, for example. At any rate, you are likely to see talks crystalize in the way you hoped. You will also feel this energy mounting the day before, on September 18.

The full moon of September 13 will be important to you, for it will fall in Pisces, lighting your first house of personality. It is set to bring an exciting conclusion to something dear to you. Pluto will align beautifully to that full moon, so it looks like a powerful, influential friend will have a hand in whatever happy news or event occurs. I can’t give you any more specifics, because this is so deep in your heart, only you would know what that might be.

It will bring to exciting fullness and conclusion something meaningful to you. This will be the only full moon of 2019 to appear in Pisces, so you will notice its effect.

Neptune, your ruling planet, will be conjunct the full moon, so the news may have something to do with a creative project of great personal expression and seems to hinge on your ability to communicate or move people emotionally. Saturn will work with this full moon too, adding his gifts of stability and long-term gain.

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