Pisces Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

What is so extraordinary about this new moon is that Uranus, based in compatible Taurus, in your third house of writing, speaking, editing, and other communication arts, will send a powerful, sparkly electric beam to all the little heavenly bodies in your partnership house. Uranus is the planet that delivers surprises, and when in lovely alignment to other planets, will bring several thrilling breakthroughs.

You may unexpectedly become engaged now, and if you had hoped for this to happen, you might be doing so sooner than you anticipated. Or if you are already married, you could now hear exciting news from your partner that will affect you both. If you have a business partner or collaborator, that person is likely to bring you beneficial business news that generates excitement. You could even have news regarding both a personal and business partner—these aspects are not mutually exclusive.

To see the full potential of this extraordinary month professionally, you will need a middleman to help you—a headhunter, job broker, agent or manager, publicist, lawyer, or other intermediary partner or representative—for that person will link you to a glowing, lucrative opportunity. He or she will be worth their weight in gold now, for this person believes in you, will work hard for you, and will deliver on promises.

You have Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon on your side, all in Virgo, so when you are in meetings, the accuracy of details will matter a great deal this month, something to keep in mind when drawing up estimates. Additionally, with eight out of ten planets circulating in the heavens in earth signs, your approach must be realistic and practical if you are to impress a prospective client.

Mars in your seventh house suggests that you won’t have total control over events, so you will have to trust your partner, in love or business, for that person seems to know best how to proceed. Don’t try to take over at any point in the process as you move forward, for your chart suggests your partner is trustworthy and that this person will be golden for you. Your champion could be your marriage partner, steady date in love, or your agent who has worked with you for a time, and who understands your needs and is ready to passionately protect them.

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