Pisces Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Venus and Mars are in your partnership house now, which is a rare event. Venus longs to be with Mars, but they are seldom together because they’re usually in different parts of the sky on various assignments. Last month, on August 24, Venus and Mars at last conjoined in Virgo, and for you, they met in a beautiful part of your chart—your solar seventh house of marriage—in a lovely vibration. That conjunction added a dazzling, sexy spark between you and your current romantic partner. Alternatively, or additionally, Venus and Mars added warmth and smoothness to a business relationship if you have one, suggesting your collaboration will be strong and successful now and into the future.

The full moon of September 13 will be important to you, for it will fall in Pisces, lighting your first house of personality. It is set to bring an exciting conclusion to something dear to you. Pluto will align beautifully to that full moon, so it looks like a powerful, influential friend will have a hand in whatever happy news or event occurs.

In terms of love, whether you are married or dating seriously, you will still feel the darling effects of Venus and Mars, for both planets are moving slowly apart yet are still within mathematical tolerance to help. Venus and Mars seem too happy together to want to separate, and they will impart that feeling to you regarding your partner if you have one. Mercury, which rules your partnership house, was also in attendance and was in a position to underscore just how important partnerships are for you this month.

These little planets were all in place when the new moon arrived August 30, dressed in her white silk gown, wearing white, fresh flowers in her hair, holding the arm of her partner, the Sun. When the new moon arrives each month, it marks an important moment, so the little planets crowded around this dignified pair and watched the new moon as she opened the portal to new opportunities. Those opportunities are always related to the part of the chart where the new moon appears.

This month, the new influence has to do with powerful and completely unexpected benefits from marriage and serious business partnerships and collaborations. Depending on what seeds you put in place this month related to this area of your life, this new moon has the power to encourage a close, prosperous relationship with your partner throughout the coming year and very possibly beyond.

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