Pisces Horoscope for September 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

September is a rare month, filled with beauty and joy, and you will be in a perfect position to make the most of the goodies the universe has prepared for you. There is something completely different about September that won’t be repeated any time soon, so I hope you can take full advantage of all the sweet aspects I see.

As the month opens, a group of little planets will have already gathered in your solar seventh house of partnerships. This part of your chart rules marriage and business alliances—any relationship based on a formal contract, and marriage is a big one. In attendance is Mercury, along with the two cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars.

Remarkably, Uranus will be in an ideal position to beam his gifts of unexpected happy news to the three little planets—plus the Sun and new moon—all at once, because those little planets are orbiting close, almost shoulder to shoulder. Once each planet receives Uranus’ beam, which technically happened on August 30 and still is very active, each planet can deliver happy news to you.

By Uranus sending a beam to the new moon, your creativity is now activated. Venus will work to see you receive your chance to be part of an exciting communications-oriented project. Mercury will help you find the right middleman to bring you to the opportunity, or if you have an agent or another intermediary, Mercury will encourage that person to work with a renewed passion for you. Both Venus and Mars are collaborating to see you are also well-paid. You’ll find it’s a very promising month!

At the same time, Saturn, watching Uranus working with all the little planets, will want to send you his gifts of stability and security and provide you a way to build a secure structure to protect a current or planned project. Remarkably, Saturn will be in a position to reach the new moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars. Saturn rules older people, so you may have a mentor or experienced VIP watching over your progress who will step in to help if you should ever need it.

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