Pisces Horoscope for September 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You are now at your half birthday, a time when the Sun has looped to the opposite side of the sky to the place the Sun occupied at your birth. Said another way, the transiting Sun is now situated in Virgo, 180 degrees away from your natal Pisces Sun. This means it is a time to learn about the give-and-take of partnerships. Later this month there will be a plethora of planets in Virgo, so you won’t be able to get things precisely your way. You will have to compromise and be somewhat conciliatory, but if you are feeling you are giving up too much, then, of course. You will have no choice but to speak up and air your thoughts honestly.

I am getting a little too far ahead of myself here, so let’s start at the top of the month and see what is coming up for you.

September 1-2 will be two sparkling days, when Mars, now in your house of work assignments, will receive a beam from Uranus, now based in your salary and earned income sector. Uranus rules all unanticipated events, so see what comes up – you may hear that you have been chosen for a very exciting assignment that may bring you surprisingly good pay. The same house as work assignments is also the house of health, so your doctor may call with a welcome message or a surprising idea of how to give you relief for a condition you’ve been wrestling with lately.

Next, on September 3-4, Mars will travel over the precise path and degree of the total solar eclipse of last month, August 21 at 29 degrees Leo. On either one of these two September days, you may hear news about another major work assignment that will have the power to elevate your status. This news is likely to come to you whether you are self-employed, coming as new business, or if you work for an employer, when you get the plum assignment that everyone in the department wants but only you will be chosen to get.

If you heard news about a work opportunity on or near August 21, then these dates, September 3-4, will give you more detail and a clearer picture. If you didn’t hear anything, this movement of Mars over these critical degrees will give you the lay of the land. It is alternatively possible that you will hear news about your health, clearing up a mystery you’ve wondered about. These days are tied directly to the August 21 eclipse.

You have been laboring under Mercury in retrograde since August 12, but Mercury will finally go direct on September 5. Mercury has been moving back and forth over two of your houses of the horoscope, including your house of work and health and also the house of partnership. In these areas is the greatest danger of miscommunication, disagreement, delays, or need to do tasks over. If you had a medical test and diagnosis that seems off to you, for example, then go for a second opinion or redo the test. Mercury retrograde may have created a change in direction or change of mind about a work project you were set to do. Mercury’s mischief of Mercury is over, thank goodness.

If you have something important on your agenda this month, whether to sign a contract, to have a meeting, or launch a new venture or product, for example, wait until you have moved a few days beyond the date Mercury goes direct on September 5. Mercury is wild and wooly at the front and end points of the retrograde. By delaying things, you will be ensuring the success of the venture or new relationship you are about to form. Give yourself time to think – you may find a better way to go about the partnership or other venture.

The full moon will fall in Pisces, 14 degrees, highlighting a desire deeply personal and important to you. Neptune will conjoin the full moon, so you may be on television or your photograph may figure prominently in the press (for a good reason). Neptune is the planet of the silver screen and rules art as well as image. If you have been working on a key creative project (and Pisces is always working on one), it appears it is now reaching culmination, or at the very least, an important plateau. Give any new moon a plus or minus five days.

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