Pisces Horoscope for October 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is one of those months when good news and not-so-good news will stand side by side. You have come though similar situations, so this won’t be new to you, and in fact you may have become quite adept at this month’s unexpected events. Let’s take the new and full moons first, for those are the ones likely to challenge you, and after that, I will tell you in detail about the truly magnificent news.

The full moon begins the month, falling in Aries, 13 degrees, in your second house of earned income. If you have been in talks over your fees or salary in an impending job or assignment, talks are likely to come to culmination at this time. The only powerful aspect going on at the time is Pluto, at a 90-degree, harsh angle to the full moon. This suggests that you will go in thinking it’s a negotiation between two people, but in fact is really a bossy person who has decided to read you a list of dictates, and who seems intractable. A full moon in Aries puts Mars in a special role, and Mars is found in the seventh house of partnership.

Mars will be orbiting close to Venus, so it appears you will have a middleman to speak for you, such as an agent, manger, headhunter, or job broker, and that would be a good idea. Venus will be conjunct Mars on this very day, making for a charming, warm interaction. The difficult person will like your intermediary, giving you solid reasons to hope that a solution can be forged.

If you are the agent, then the person you represent is someone the client seems to want in their corner, even though they will have a weird way of showing how much they need the person you represent to work with them. The outcome can go either way – it does seem that someone in power is not ready to give an inch, and if you are not happy with the offer, you might give up and walk out.

Next comes the new moon, October 19, which will fall in your other financial house, the house of other people’s money, ruling taxes, credit cards, student and bank loans, debts, insurance company payouts, and money owed to you as a settlement in a divorce or court settlement. It also rules commissions, royalties, inheritance, venture capital, and the like. This new moon, at first, looks good – the new moon and Sun will be aligned with Jupiter, one of the best aspects possible.

However, Uranus is angry at the little happy grouping, and at 27 degrees Aries is at 180-degrees opposition to the new moon, Sun, and Jupiter. All the planets are in financial houses, so money is likely to be the news that comes up. The topic could be an inheritance, where you would need a lawyer (or other intermediary) to speak for you to untangle a question that suddenly comes up. Be present so that your wishes are clearly translated. If you have a court case on the docket, it is likely to come up for review now. In this instance, the other side is likely to pull a few surprises no one ever suspected they’d do. When Uranus is involved, you can’t quite prepare – Uranus brings the news in the blink of an eye, and it’s up to you to figure out what to do about what you hear.

The eighth house of other people’s money rules other parts of life too, including surgery. As the house of rejuvenation and rebirth, the surgeon removes what you no longer need so that you can return to full health. So in this manifestation, you might instead need a medical procedure suddenly that you didn’t know you’d be doing. The emphasis on finances could be that you will be calling your insurance company to see if the surgery will be covered (most likely, yes). This will most likely be nothing to worry about, but you will be surprised that you’d be doing this now. It’s good to get the news early so you can be on your way to health.

Think back to the full moon of April 11, which may stand out in your mind. (If you don’t recall anything that happened six months ago, check your email from that period, to see what you were discussing.) This new moon is very much like that full moon, only this time, on the October 19 new moon, it’s less emotional, but will likely require longer period to fix whatever comes up. It might take you months. Everyone of every sign will be coping with this new moon in some way.

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