Pisces Horoscope for November 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader:

Here we are in November already! Thanks goodness, even allowing with Mercury retrograde until November 20, this will be a far better month than October turned out to be.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Lately, there’s been an enormous focus on your written and spoken words, so you must have been working hard at your computer getting your work ready to be shown. Late last month you had a new moon in your ninth house of foreign and domestic distant travel, so you may have been on a trip too, and remarkably, it looks as though you may be ready to take another trip very soon.

This month will be an easier month to navigate than October turned out to be. Last month put a strain on everyone. October fell in the middle of the five-and-a-half-month period that spanned the eclipses of July 2 and July 16 and the next eclipses due, December 25, 2019, and January 10, 2020. Astrologers call this concept a mid-point month, and midpoints receive enormous energy in a 90-degree angle from the past eclipses and the coming ones. (Astrologers view time differently than other people—we plot time, even time that has not yet occurred, on bell curves.) That’s a technical way of saying October exerted a lot of pressure on just about everyone.

Also last month, Mercury started to slow down two weeks prior to its official retrograde date, October 31, and will remain that way until November 20. You began to see delays crop up, miscommunications, and trouble with electronics and software. This time, Mercury will retrograde in your distant travel sector, so when you pack, keep your AC cord with you at the airport so you can work or enjoy your computer if your flight gets delayed and still not use up all the battery strength before you eventually board. Even with Mercury retrograde, I promise you will like November. You might want to back up the data of your computer, however, in case you have problems with electronics. Don’t buy any new machines, including a car, smart phone, refrigerator, computer, or any other product with moving parts or chips inside until the end of the month.

This year we are lucky because for many years, Mercury was consistently retrograde during December’s holiday shopping period. I had no choice but to advise you to buy gift cards rather than chance getting the wrong gift (unless you had a small child on your holiday gift list, in which case I suggested you let his mother shop for you, and then you reimburse her. You could then wrap the gifts for the Lilliputians—from the land of Lilliput.) This year you have an open road to shop to your heart’s content, just in time to enjoy Black Friday (November 29) and Cyber Monday (December 2), dates that retailers offer fabulous prices for many holiday items. This year you can take full advantage, and that is a huge change over the past several years.

In America we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I am not sure if these shopping days exist in your country, dear reader. Would you write to me on Twitter or Instagram to tell me if you have these big shopping days, too, in your country? (I am @Astrologyzone on both platforms.) According to Google Analytics, 52% of you—my readers—are based outside the US, so I would love to know.

Your career is about to get a big boost on Sunday, November 24 (plus one day), when Venus and Jupiter will conjoin in Sagittarius, your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements and put your name in lights. You may get excellent publicity on or near this day, or you may bring in a lucrative new client. If you work for others, you may be given praise, an award, or within days, a promotion.

Speaking about spending, you appear to be in a very high spending period now that will thankfully settle down by November 18. You may know about the payments you will be required to make to one or more companies to cover previously made commitments. Those might include a check for college tuition, to invest in your business, to build a new website, to get married, to have a baby, to pay estimated tax, to put a down payment on a house, or a large deposit on a lease. You may be paying back child support or a contractor for a home renovation or repair—you get the idea. You seem to be writing a large check or recently did in October when this trend started. If this need to spend more does not resonate with you, slow down spending anyway during the first three weeks until you can see the lay of the land. Be confident that this trend will end on November 18, thanks to Mars’ exit from Libra.

Yet you seem to have money coming in, too. Watch November 12 when Mars, based in your house of other people’s money, will receive golden beams form Jupiter, currently in your tenth house of prestigious professional career honors. This day surely sparkles for you—you may receive a large one-time bundle of money as a wire or a check, and at the same time, Jupiter will see to it that your status will increase in an exciting way.

After Mars moves out of your eighth house of other people’s money, it will move into Scorpio from November 18 to January 3. During part of this time, it seems you will again be on the road, taking a distant trip. Any day this month would be a fine day to travel except November 24, when Mars will oppose unpredictable Uranus giving you unpredictable and sudden travel difficulties

I travel all the time with Mercury retrograde, so don’t let that stop you. Just be sure you tag your luggage and other possessions. I tape my business card to the bottom my computer and iPad, and even to the back of my iPhone. I keep my business card in my sunglass and eyeglass case, too. If this sounds a little obsessive to you, I guess it is! It is just that I can’t be without these items! Try not to have to change planes to get to your final destination because that is when luggage has a higher than usual chance of getting lost or delayed. Also, call ahead to your hotel to be sure your accommodations are in place, and give the hotel a heads-up if you expect to arrive late. I have had planes delayed, but if I have my “office” with me—my computer—I am happy as a little clam.

In this busy month, the full moon in Taurus 20 degrees will be due November 12 (plus or minus five days). This full moon will be a peach and a delight in every way. It will again emphasize the theme of November—travel and your superb ability to communicate effectively, something people around you are starting to recognize in you. The trip you take near the full moon November 12 seems to be shorter than the one you will likely take in late November or in December.

The reason I love this full moon is because your ruler, Neptune, and Saturn will both be exquisitely oriented toward this full moon. Artistic Neptune is in your sign, Pisces, and will add a bewitching note to any event you attend mid-month.

Additionally, you also will get support from Saturn, based in your eleventh house of friendship and social groups, at this full moon. You may be touched by a friend’s gesture and care for you, or you may work on a charity. If so, when it becomes clear that your participation has been a strong part of the success of the fund-drive, you will have a warm feeling of satisfaction. Alternatively, you may be at a friend’s party over this full moon period, and there will be something about this event that will stay with you afterwards, inspiring you to open up to new interests and friendships.

If your birthday falls on March 11, plus or minus five days, you will notice the benefic effect of this glowing full moon. If you have Pisces rising at 20 degrees or the natal moon at 20-degrees Pisces, plus or minus five degrees, you, too, will notice the benefic effects of this full moon. If you have a natal planet or natal moon in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn within five degrees of 20 degrees, you will see that planet light up and send you a cornucopia of gifts.

I do want to emphasize, however, that all Pisces will have something to cheer about at this point in the month, for this full moon is quite special.

Your career is about to get a big boost on Sunday, November 24 (plus one day), when Venus and Jupiter will conjoin in Sagittarius, your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements and put your name in lights. You may get excellent publicity on or near this day, or you may bring in a lucrative new client. If you work for others, you may be given praise, an award, or within days, a promotion.

The new moon of November 26 in Sagittarius four degrees will be an even bigger, more major moment in your timeline for career. It will light your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements and allow you to see your career rise to new heights. This new moon will prove that your star is on the rise, dear Pisces.

I am also excited to see that your ruler Neptune will turn direct the following day, November 27. Neptune has been retrograding since June 21, so this will mark a substantial and welcome quickening to the pace of events—you will see life speed up appreciably, and when you capture a goal, it will be so gratifying. After Neptune goes direct, you may be recognized for your taste, style, or personality or a project you created that you put your personal stamp upon.

When big outer planets like Neptune turn from retrograde to direct, they often send a clue on one of the days that circle closely the date of the planet’s turn direct (within two days or so). That clue points to an area of an impending breakthrough. You can always take that clue and add extra energy to that goal that apparently, you’ve worked on and were hoping would come to fruition. Things are looking up for you, dear Pisces!

You are entering a breathless whirlwind of social activity by next month. This month, on November 25, Venus will move to your eleventh house of friends, fun, and parties, just in time to be in sync with coming festivities. Venus will tour Capricorn, a good place for Venus to be for you, from November 25 to December 19. You may want to get your wardrobe ready, dear Pisces—you will be joyfully stepping out to enjoy a remarkable holiday season.


Mars will be in Libra as you enter November, a place Mars entered last month. You seem to be getting your finances organized, paying your bills and taxes, and working on a program to pay down debt. This month, you might find a way to save by cutting recurring expenses you don’t need or enjoy anymore.

At the same time, when Mars moves through the eighth house, as Mars will be doing in your chart until November 18, spending often rises, so it may be because you need to cover a previously made obligation or because you haven’t been spending for yourself lately. Money will be saved, and money will be spent, but in the end, you will get your finances reorganized in a way that will leave you considerably richer.

Mercury will be retrograde from October 31 to November 20, so it is not a time to buy any electronic items or machines. Hold off on buying a new car, computer, smart phone, kitchen appliance, or anything else you might need.

The full moon of November 12 may find you putting the finishing touches on a manuscript you will send in or a speech you need to give. Look at it carefully for errors and typos, as you may miss one or two, or let someone else have a look. Also, now that Mercury is retrograde, you may need to double-check facts, for you may find inaccuracies.

If you are given papers to sign, hold off doing so until Mercury is direct, and leave a space of days. See if you can sign on November 29.

You may also need to travel within four days of November 12, and thanks to great support from Saturn and Neptune, this trip should be highly successful for you—a delight on many levels.

Neptune, your guardian planet, has been retrograde since June 21 but will move forward this month on November 27. When your ruler goes forward, it means your life will start to show impressive progress in areas you’ve been focused on. This is no short-lived aspect—Neptune will remain in direct orbit until June 23, 2020.

You may be thrilled with how your reputation glows when Venus makes a rare conjunction to Jupiter in your house of fame and honors on November 24, plus or minus two days.

Two days later, some of the most exciting news of the month will concern a darling new moon, November 26, which will energize your tenth house of career honors, awards, and achievements in the days just after this date. This is a very important professional new moon for you, dear Pisces. It will shine a spotlight on you and give you the best opportunity of 2019 to make a bigger name for yourself in weeks and months to come.

If you want a new position, be ready to interview. If you have your own business, do more advertising, social media, and publicity after this new moon appears. Whether you work for others or for yourself, you might be serving an international market. Your aspects are so special for career success you may be giddy when you see all that happens in November and December—it’s your time to shine.

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