Pisces Horoscope for November 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In America we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I am not sure if these shopping days exist in your country, dear reader. Would you write to me on Twitter or Instagram to tell me if you have these big shopping days, too, in your country? (I am @Astrologyzone on both platforms.) According to Google Analytics, 52% of you—my readers—are based outside the US, so I would love to know.

Your career is about to get a big boost on Sunday, November 24 (plus one day), when Venus and Jupiter will conjoin in Sagittarius, your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements and put your name in lights. You may get excellent publicity on or near this day, or you may bring in a lucrative new client. If you work for others, you may be given praise, an award, or within days, a promotion.

Speaking about spending, you appear to be in a very high spending period now that will thankfully settle down by November 18. You may know about the payments you will be required to make to one or more companies to cover previously made commitments. Those might include a check for college tuition, to invest in your business, to build a new website, to get married, to have a baby, to pay estimated tax, to put a down payment on a house, or a large deposit on a lease. You may be paying back child support or a contractor for a home renovation or repair—you get the idea. You seem to be writing a large check or recently did in October when this trend started. If this need to spend more does not resonate with you, slow down spending anyway during the first three weeks until you can see the lay of the land. Be confident that this trend will end on November 18, thanks to Mars’ exit from Libra.

Yet you seem to have money coming in, too. Watch November 12 when Mars, based in your house of other people’s money, will receive golden beams form Jupiter, currently in your tenth house of prestigious professional career honors. This day surely sparkles for you—you may receive a large one-time bundle of money as a wire or a check, and at the same time, Jupiter will see to it that your status will increase in an exciting way.

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