Pisces Horoscope for November 2018

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader,

Tomorrow, I fly to San Diego to give my Year Ahead 2019 weekend seminar at the La Costa Resort & Spa in nearby Carlsbad, CA. I am doing a cool Yoga + Astrology 3-day weekend from November 2-4 with Alanna Zabel of AZIAM Yoga. Neptune will be trine the Sun, denoting extreme harmony and spirituality, making this the perfect weekend to recharge. This will be a calming weekend where we will set our intentions for the New Year 2019.

I will speak on Friday and Saturday evening, both talks different and very detailed, with plenty of time for Q+A. Men are invited too, of course—this would make a fabulous couples weekend.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is sure to be a happy, proud month for you, for your future has never looked brighter. I have so much to tell you that it is hard to know where to start. Stay with me all the way through the finish of your November report, for although some of the biggest headline news will happen early in the month, we also have the luckiest day of the year and other good news coming at month’s end.

The month starts out with a magical vibration on November 5 between the Sun, in Scorpio, and your ruler, Neptune, in Pisces, energizing your house of travel. Any trip you take early in November would be inspirational and quite lyrical. Your creativity will be working at peak levels too, especially in the first week. You will enjoy thinking about a current creative project and coming up with ideas to add to it. Although this aspect will be mathematically perfect by November 5, you will feel this lovely aspect over the preceding weekend of November 2-4, as it grows to a peak point. Neptune moves quite slowly, which is why this aspect stays in place for several days. If you are involved in a publishing or broadcasting project in early November, you will see the elements fit perfectly into place.

Now let’s look at the November 7 new moon in Scorpio, 15 degrees, which will bring all the matters of your solar ninth house front and center. You might be interested in attending lectures and the cultural arts, you may start to read or write poetry or stay up all night discussing with your sweetheart the meaning of life and other philosophical matters. Go to an old fashioned coffee house with old world charm, like the ones found in Greenwich Village in New York City or the cafes of Vienna, Paris, or Rome. Find one that has large, old fashioned mahogany furniture, marble topped tables, and a tin ceiling, and order a cannoli or other pastry and an espresso, as you and your sweetheart carry on your debate. This would be a lovely weekend to think about the coming New Year and to set your intentions.

As delicious as setting the scene for having long talks with your sweetheart is, an even bigger moment also arrives at the new moon. This will be a marvelously supportive new moon for you, for it falls in fellow water-sign Scorpio, and Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in his last degrees of Scorpio to aid you in all the areas ruled by the ninth house. Those include long distance travel and international relationships, publishing and broadcasting projects, academic pursuits, legal matters and the court system, as well as philosophical thought and reflection. This is a very refreshing new moon, so try to use it to your advantage by thinking about all these areas it covers and deciding which ones might apply to you.

Take action, for the force will be with you. Keep in mind that a new moon will offer you ten days in which to act before its energy gradually fades, as it gets further away from the new moon and instead begins to become the full moon. The actions you take in those first ten days following the new moon will be potent, giving you the ability to change your life for the better for the entire year ahead, or even forever. We get one new moon in each one of the 12 houses (one a month) each year, so this is your chance to initiate a plan, knowing you are moving into a very powerful time for your career and personal aims.

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