Pisces Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In case you assumed life would start to slow down at the start of May because you accomplished so much in January through April, think again. You are just cranking up, and nothing, not even a virus, can stop your progress as long as you stay safe at home. May will be a powerful, productive month, and it will keep you on your toes. Let’s look closer.

The month starts out with Mars still in Aquarius touring your twelfth house of secrets and things going on behind the scenes. You may have been working on a confidential project last month and are still polishing the details. That will change when everything you have been doing comes out in the open once you reach May 12.

If you have not been well or if someone close to you has not been well, you will have had more than usual interaction with medical personnel in April, and again, that will continue this month, but only until May 12. If you are the one not feeling well, you may see a noticeable turnaround once Mars moves into your sign. This will help a lot—you will see.

Mars will occupy Pisces from May 12 to June 27. Having Mars in your sign is a big plus, for Mars will put you front and center of all events, discussions, and decisions that are happening and are important to you. You won’t have to struggle to get a “seat at the table”—it will be offered to you. Others want you there, for they will look to you for direction. Your optimism will soar, and your energetic confidence will draw others to you like moths to a flame. You will be very sure of the direction you will need to take, and others will feel compelled to follow you.

You may not be aware that you are now starting a vital two-year cycle and that you will be planting the seeds to your new life chapter. This is exciting, and you will have control. Your charisma will be high, you will attract a crop of opportunities to consider, and at least one will likely allow you to input your unique creativity and style.

Next, let’s look at the full moon on May 7 in divine-for-you sign of Scorpio at 17 degrees. It will shine in your ninth house, which usually would bring a long-distance trip to conclusion. However, with the pandemic raging, travel is unlikely. The news reports that 95 percent of all travel is down, and airlines have cut flights dramatically by 70 percent. Instead of flying, this full moon rules the media, so you might be scheduling interviews, talks, and conferences on Zoom with people at a distance.

This same part of the chart rules publishing and broadcasting, so at the full moon May 7, you may be finishing up a long manuscript or report, possibly for a publisher or firm you consult for overseas.

If you are in college, you will have to decide if you want to continue your education by remote computer online classes. Learning this way is an adjustment, but if you don’t sign up, waiting to get your degree poses different problems and considerations. One way or another, you will decide about your pursuit of a degree at the May 7 full moon.

If your birthday falls on March 8, plus or minus five days, you will benefit from this full moon of May 7. Additionally, if you have Pisces rising or the natal moon in Pisces, in either case at 17 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, you, too, will benefit. Finally, if you have a natal planet in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn at 17 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, that planet will light up, and the area of life that your planets rule will bring good news. Just keep your antenna up, and you will soon know where your luck lies.

Mars will occupy Pisces from May 12 to June 27. Having Mars in your sign is a big plus, for Mars will put you front and center of all events, discussions, and decisions that are happening and are important to you. You won’t have to struggle to get a “seat at the table”—it will be offered to you.

There will be one outstanding day I would like you to circle on your calendar. It will happen on May 17, when Jupiter and the Sun align in a brilliant trine position, considered the best you could ever hope to see. The moon will be in Pisces, giving appreciable weight in your favor—you will be excited when you see this play out. Your friend may help you with a communication project, special publicity you receive, or with a home or family matter. Your career will benefit, too. If you don’t see results on this Sunday, May 17, then you might on Thursday, May 14, Friday, May 15, or on Monday, May 18. I am betting on May 14 through May 18 for you—use them! These are all lucky days.

Later in the month, you will have a new moon on May 22 in Gemini, three degrees, in your house of home and family. You will have four heavenly bodies in that sector—the Sun, new moon, Venus, and Mercury all crowded into that house like cute little relatives who love you.

Your outlook is a little mixed, but I still think you can make progress in your private life after this new moon appears. You are spending a lot of time at home, so you may clearly see what you need to change. If you have always disliked your sofa, this may be the last straw—you will decide you have to change it. You may have to wait a very long time for delivery however, so for that reason, I would suggest you wait.

Of course, we have a pandemic raging, and few companies are delivering at a speedy pace. There are astrological reasons, too. Your solar home and family sector is ruled by Mercury, and next month, Mercury will retrograde from June 17 to July 12. If you need a new sofa, order it now. There is a reason to hurry. You need to act in the first week of May to avoid Venus retrograde later on.

Venus is moving through your home sector and will go retrograde this month, May 12 to June 24. Venus rules beauty, and when retrograde, a change of mind is likely, or you may get a notice your favorite item is out of stock. Keep a list of all that you hope to accomplish—clear out clutter, make boxes of things to donate to charity, and start a vision board or file folder of ideas. This part of your chart also rules family, so if you need to help a close relative, such as your mother or father or someone you think of as a parent, this new moon will help you find the solution.

As an aside, if you need an electronic item, such as a TV, a computer, smart phone, or automobile, order it now with no time to waste, for Mercury, which rules electronic items, will retrograde next month. Mercury will be well angled to Neptune at this new moon, so if you need a camera or special lenses, special ring light (all the rage here in New York City, as ring lights are so flattering if you use one on Zoom and Instagram IGTV), get it now, in May. Do not wait to purchase it in June for any reason. If you cannot do so in June, wait until after you get beyond mid-July.

I mentioned above that this new moon is mixed, so here is what I meant. Mars in Pisces will be in hard angle to this new moon, so you may have to face opposition for your plans from your family, your spouse, or roommate. Be ready—the discussion could center on the money you want to spend. You might have hoped that those who live with you will contribute some of the funds to your plan. If you live alone, you may be concerned about the cost of your undertaking. You won’t likely have to decide now, for there appears to be no rush. If you simply must find a home solution or one for a family member, you can.

The happy news about this new moon is that Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn will be very supportive of it, and that spells progress, despite the impediment you might encounter from family or a roommate as outlined above. Saturn will give you long-term security and satisfaction, and Jupiter and Pluto will give you a stroke of luck and help accomplish all you need to do. A friend will have good advice for you at this time and may make a gesture that you find heartwarming.

I already discussed the fact that Venus is about to retrograde (May 12 to June 24) and that next month, Mercury will also retrograde (June 17 to July 12). We always notice the retrograde of the planets that obit closest to earth, namely Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

Mars won’t retrograde just yet, not until September 9 to November 13.

Looking at that list when I first saw it last year, I worried about how things would go. Prime bridal season is in May and June, but this year that would be considered a bad time to marry for Venus, planet of love and affection, will be in retrograde. If you cannot marry then due to the pandemic, the universe has done you a favor and protected your impending union. When you choose another date, make your wedding for next year, 2021. Avoid Mercury retrograde periods as well, for marriage is essentially a contract—see the list of Mercury retrograde dates on my home page, lower left-hand side, for years up to 2030.

In addition to love, Venus rules all the embellishments in life—jewels, flowers, fine wines, champagne, perfume, cosmetics, skin care, spas, and designer clothing, as examples. If you want something new, shop online early, no later than May 12, prior to Venus’ start to go retrograde.

After Venus starts to retrograde, do not ask your spouse or roommate to cut your hair—if you must do it, ask early in the month, or you may panic when you see the results. If you need expensive skin care creams or a new skin care program, again, order it right away, not later in the month.

In addition to Venus, Mars will retrograde later in the year for the first time in two years. Mars’ impending retrograde (September 9 to November 13) also concerned me, for you need a strong Mars when you do anything you consider to be competitive. If you want to introduce a new product and you want it to be highly popular and hit all kinds of high sales records, you should never do it with Mars retrograde. (Mars also rules sex, so if you marry during Mars retrograde, it’s not great for the future of your sex life together either. That’s all I will say.)

Mars retrograde in September through the first half of November is when many companies introduce new products or services for the holiday season. This year, I say introduce your new product in December or better yet, January.

Not only will Venus and Mercury retrograde this season (May and June respectively), but this month we have a cascade of other planets going retrograde, too.

Pluto went retrograde April 25 and will go direct on October 4.

Saturn will go retrograde May 10 and will go direct September 28.

Jupiter, your ancient ruler, will go retrograde on May 14 and go direct September 12.

As said earlier, you would feel the movements of Venus and Mercury more than that of Pluto, Saturn, or Jupiter, but Jupiter may be the exception. Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was your ruler, and today, astrologers still look at both Jupiter and Neptune to make predictions for you.

The bottom line is that with five out of eight planets going retrograde, life will have a slow pace. With Mars going out of phase in September through November, life is not likely to clip along at a good pace again until December. We are all in this together, and there is nothing we can do about this but to be patient and watch to see what happens.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


You’ve waited nearly two years to have Mars in Pisces, and now, lo and behold, the red planet is racing through deep space, about to enter your constellation on May 12, to stay until June 27. This is fantastic news, for Mars will give you the edge in all negotiations and competitive situations. This planet will ensure that you reach a winning situation in professional activities and also with your personal, private goals, too.

It would be impossible to overstate how favorable having Mars in Pisces can be—Mars will make you courageous, determined, and confident. Who could possibly turn you down? Everyone gets a turn at having this highly energetic planet in their sign for approximately six weeks every two years, and now that you finally have Mars in your corner, you must make a beeline to what you most desire! Life will be high key and very busy—of that you can be sure.

Mars will help your romantic life too, for Mars will bring out your sexy, alluring charms. You will turn heads, for sure, and if you are attached, your partner will be proud to have such a smart, warm, engaging, hauntingly beautiful/handsome partner.

You long to travel, but it is likely that a travel ban will still be in place in May. Your mind will be hungry for stimulation at the full moon May 7, so go online and order a best-selling international thriller, a poetry book where you can memorize one of your favorites, or choose a book that discusses the thinking of great philosophers. The latter book is almost always appealing to a Pisces, a sign known to think deeply about the big questions of life. The point is, you need to give your curious mind something to reflect upon.

Venus is about to go retrograde from May 12 to June 24, so if anyone owes you money, be sure to send a reminder statement earlier, ideally in the first week of May. Venus is the natural ruler of your solar eighth house of other people’s money, so wires promised to you may be late. Try to get paid prior to May 12. Financial negotiations may also run into delays, so try to finish those up early in the month, too.

One of your favorite days will be Sunday, May 17, when Jupiter, your ancient ruler, will beam the Sun and warm your friendship sector. You may see a friend go out of her way to take special care of you. This year you are learning just how much your friends adore you.

Your home will be the center of your attention in the days after the new moon of May 22 in Gemini. You may decide to paint a room or make needed repairs. You may do a thorough house cleaning or reorganize your closets. It’s a perfect time to do video conferencing with your parents, someone you think of as a parent, or your favorite aunt or cousin. Trade favorite recipes, photos, or stories you’ve heard on the news, for your relative loves you so much and will be so happy to hear from you.

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