Pisces Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The happy news about this new moon is that Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn will be very supportive of it, and that spells progress, despite the impediment you might encounter from family or a roommate as outlined above. Saturn will give you long-term security and satisfaction, and Jupiter and Pluto will give you a stroke of luck and help accomplish all you need to do. A friend will have good advice for you at this time and may make a gesture that you find heartwarming.

I already discussed the fact that Venus is about to retrograde (May 12 to June 24) and that next month, Mercury will also retrograde (June 17 to July 12). We always notice the retrograde of the planets that obit closest to earth, namely Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

Mars won’t retrograde just yet, not until September 9 to November 13.

Looking at that list when I first saw it last year, I worried about how things would go. Prime bridal season is in May and June, but this year that would be considered a bad time to marry for Venus, planet of love and affection, will be in retrograde. If you cannot marry then due to the pandemic, the universe has done you a favor and protected your impending union. When you choose another date, make your wedding for next year, 2021. Avoid Mercury retrograde periods as well, for marriage is essentially a contract—see the list of Mercury retrograde dates on my home page, lower left-hand side, for years up to 2030.

In addition to love, Venus rules all the embellishments in life—jewels, flowers, fine wines, champagne, perfume, cosmetics, skin care, spas, and designer clothing, as examples. If you want something new, shop online early, no later than May 12, prior to Venus’ start to go retrograde.

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