Pisces Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 this month may bring a publishing or broadcasting venture to the final stage of fruition. You may conclude a movie or see the last day of a made-for-television movie. You may find out exactly how many copies were sold of your book, or you may sell an option on a screenplay you wrote that could soon go into production. Full moons bring closure to a project or a phase of it.

Alternatively, this full moon may bring a welcome verdict to a court case you have filed, a final decision about citizenship, or a green card or visa from immigration authorities. If you are in college or graduate school, you may do well on a test or in defending your thesis or hear other happy news having to do with your efforts to attain an advanced university degree. Travel also seems to be on the agenda, either throughout the month to nearby locations, or near the full moon, May 18, you may be making plans to take a very distant trip you’ve longed to take.

No matter how you direct the energy of this full moon, you will likely love the outcome. This full moon in fellow water-sign Scorpio is made for you, for again Saturn, and also Pluto, will help you hear news that will excite you and at the same time comfort you and have you feeling secure. Saturn and Pluto are both in the friendship/club/groups sector of your chart (eleventh house), suggesting that your reputation and good nature will have something to do with the success you experience at the full moon.

Mars will light you house of home in the first half of May, a holdover from April, so if you want to move, paint, make repairs, hire a contractor, work on your décor, buy new furniture, or find a roommate, do so early in the month, prior to May 15. You will have another chance next month at the new moon June 3 to work on your living quarters, but this month’s star power is my favorite, and I think you will best like the options you have now.

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