Pisces Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s turn to your private life, for Mars, the action planet, will be circulating in your fourth house of home, a holdover from April that will continue until May 15. During this time, you may focus on finding ways to make your home more inviting and comfortable. You may paint, renovate, make repairs, decorate, shop for new furniture, or even find a new place to live.

Alternatively, you might choose to use Mars’ high-octane energy to spend more time with family members. You’ve been very consumed with your career lately, which is understandable, as you have needed to keep your eye on professional matters, and you will continue to be given many chances to advance. However, in the first two weeks of May you might want to focus on having fun with your children or your parent(s). Mars will leave Gemini, your fourth house of home, on May 15. Next month you will have more chances to focus on home after the new moon on June 3, but I like your opportunities in May a little bit better.

The day before Mars leaves Gemini—May 14—Venus and Mars will flirt with one another in an exciting way, making for a wonderful chance to find what you need in a living situation. You may locate the perfect new apartment or house, or you may rent a summer cottage. If you are in the market for furniture, you may find the one piece you’ve long been seeking and at a bargain price. Venus is all about how things look—graceful, beautiful, cozy, chic, modern, or highly original. You’re bound to be excited when you locate precisely what you are looking for on this sparkling day.

If you need to sign a contract for a highly successful deal, choose May 16, when Mercury, the planet of contracts, will receive stabilizing beams from Saturn. The promise you make on this day could last forever.

More travel is likely to come up at the full moon May 18 in Scorpio at 28 degrees in your solar ninth house of travel, foreign people, and places. This is a divine full moon, one of the best I have seen in a very long time. Saturn and Pluto in your solar eleventh house of hopes, wishes, and friendships will again beam the Sun and full moon on your behalf. Again, just as earlier in the month at the new moon, powerful friends will provide assistance to you—ask, for they will be willing to help you with almost anything you need. The eleventh house, where Saturn and Pluto are residing, is where dreams come true about something you want dearly, material or spiritual in nature. No wish is beyond you—think big, dear Pisces. Again, Neptune will be in the right position to beam to the full moon and inspire you to give your all to a creative assignment that could turn out to be quite impressive.

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