Pisces Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The third house rules all these skills and is encouraging you to start immediately on one area that interests you. If you feel communication is not your forte, you can always take classes to strengthen your skills. Now that Uranus, planet of surprise and even genius, is in your third house for the coming seven years, being able to communicate well is a skill worth developing.

One of the finest days of the month will be May 9, when Venus and Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will be in sweet harmony—a trine—and will likely bring on an exceptional day for your career. Your profile will be high, your popularity strong, and because Jupiter is near, your influence will grow.

This same third house, so brilliantly lit now, is also associated with a sibling. You might decide to do something special with your sister, such as to rent a vacation cottage for later in the year, or work with your brother on a surprise party for your parents’ anniversary coming up in a few months. Your sibling is figuring strongly in your chart, so think of how you can collaborate on a project if you get along well.

As you see, the new moon of May 4 comes brimming with opportunity. The part I like so much is that Saturn and Pluto, orbiting arm-in-arm in Capricorn—only three degrees apart—will be beaming luck to the Sun and new moon. This indicates some powerful friends or groups, regarding clubs, communities, companies, or constituencies that you belong to, work with, or are invited to speak to, hold the golden key to your progress. Also lovely will be that Neptune, your ruler, now in its home sign of Pisces, will send you lyrical inspiration for creative ideas. If you write music, you could now write an award-winning song.

May will work out far better than you suppose, for you’ve not seen a month so favorable in a long time. This month comes to you from a loving universe, sending you many possibilities for progress in this impressive month.

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