Pisces Horoscope for March 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

March will be everything you want it to be. It’s a glorious, poetic month filled with rare opportunities that will delight and surprise you. Rather than stay shuttered inside, as Pisces is sometimes prone to do, you’ll want to be out and about, seeing friends and attending events. Since late December, your chart has shown an unusual amount of planetary energy in your eleventh house of community, friendships, and humanitarian efforts. This is also the house of hopes and wishes, so something you’ve dearly desired for a long time could materialize this year, possibly this month.

You also may have made volunteering for a charity a main focus this year, and if so, one charity will surely welcome you with open arms. I used to think I had to be rich to make a difference to a cause that is dear to my heart, but this year, having chosen a charity to help in the limited time I have, I have learned that my assumption was not true. Everyone can do something positive to help those who suffer.

The eleventh house, so lit up for you, suggests that even a small amount of time volunteering could be gratifying. You’d make new like-minded friends too, and one or two may make introductions to their friends for you. If you are single, your outlook for finding love is strong in March, but you must be willing to leave the house to mix and mingle. Short distance travel, such as the distance between Ojai and Los Angeles or from the Hamptons and New York City (about 100-200 miles) would be perfect for finding interesting new people, and maybe one or two you’d like to know better in the romantic sense.

In that same eleventh house that is so strongly lit for you, you have Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars, all in earth-sign Capricorn, a sign that gets along beautifully with your water-sign element of Pisces. Meantime, Uranus and Venus are in Taurus, also bringing happy surprises to you because Taurus is a lovely sign for you. It is as if almost every planet in our solar system will be poised to send you special opportunities and happy circumstances this month. I will give you the details on all that I am pointing out here. This is simply a bird’s eye view.

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