Pisces Horoscope for March 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is a very special month for you for it’s birthday time, and your once-a-year cosmic gift certificate will arrive on March 6 as a new moon in Pisces, 16 degrees. It will be as sweet as sugar. Each year, the Pisces new moon is different, and it comes to refresh the one you received last year, March 17. This one is far better. Also, each month the new moon appears in a different part of the horoscope wheel, but at birthday time, the new moon appears in the first house of your personality and identity, so you get to direct its energy in any way you please.

If you could see the planets clearly as you look up to the sky, you would see the Sun, new moon, and Neptune all orbiting closely in the highly imaginative sign of Pisces. That shows me that your creativity and intuition will be heightened to a powerful degree. Neptune rules all right-brain expressions of art, so you will be able to showcase your talents effectively in any of the arts, from painting, sculpture, illustration, design, choreography and dance, to film, photography, screenwriting and documentary writing, or composing and performing music. Also covered is acting, costume design, poetry, and all the other disciplines of art expression. Your ideas will be spot-on this month, so take time to to muse about your next project.

Neptune will be conjunct the Sun, so it appears you’ll be on TV or the subject of an important interview with your photograph displayed prominently for all the world to see.

You often find yourself in the role of taking care of others, but this month, the stars that are twinkling overhead are urging you to take a little time to think about yourself. What are your dreams? What should come next for you this year, dear Pisces? You are one sign that understands the powerful effect constructive daydreaming can have on the psyche. Experts say that the more detailed you can be in visualizing the life you want to achieve, the greater your chance will be to accomplish that dream.

This new moon is powerful because it will get unusual support from other planets. First, Saturn and Pluto orbiting together will support this new moon from your house of hopes and wishes. They are based in your eleventh house of friendships, and it appears you have some very influential friends who will want to go out of their way to help you.

Venus and Jupiter will peak in alignment on March 21, making this one of the most beautiful days of the month for your career. So, if you have an important interview or need to make a presentation, this is your day. Alternatively, you may be asked to speak on a panel, appear on TV, radio, or a podcast or make any other special initiation for your career.

Also, with your planetary power, it would be wise to join a club, professional or social, or get active in a charity or humanitarian effort, for you would work with people who have your sensitive, giving heart and want to make the world a better place by serving people who have been overlooked by society. In March, many new people will be pouring into your life at a rapid rate. In many ways, your friends and even casual acquaintances will appear to be more helpful to you than people you could hire to advise you (such as a real estate broker, headhunter, or school guidance advisor for example).

You will also likely get a writing or speaking assignment this month that you will very much enjoy. Mars is the action planet and will be circulating in your third house of communication until March 30. If you work in the media, you will be exceptionally busy. If you want to write but are a bit shy about your skills, sign up for a class to get ready for a breakthrough seven-year trend, which I’ll discuss in just a moment.

You appear to need to travel this month too, and so you’ll be on the road, but you’ll enjoy the travel, for you are sensitive to your surroundings and will be stimulated by the places you go. Your sister, brother, or cousin may be prominent in your life too, for the third house, so lit up, also rules your close kin.

If your birthday falls on March 7, plus or minus four days, or if you have Pisces rising 16 degrees or the natal moon in Pisces at that degree, plus or minus four degrees, you will be powerfully affected by new developments that come up this month. Be ready to mobilize—new moons are strong, and in this case, yours is very friendly and could help you make life changes.

This new moon will also affect you if you have a natal planet or rising sign in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, in all cases 16 degrees plus or minus four degrees. In your case, if you have a natal planet in one of these signs and degree, that planet will be lit up, so take notes and see what happens after the new moon appears. You should hear news within a week after March 6.

The one little glitch of this month is that Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from March 5 to March 28. Usually, this would be news that’s delivered by Debby Downer, but I feel this month you have such a superb new moon that Mercury should not slow your progress too much. It is true that I don’t want you to sign a contract this month, and I don’t want you to buy any electronic items, but the upside is that people from your past could come into your life and offer you superb opportunities.

The rule is not to take a new position with Mercury retrograde because the job description is likely to change a lot, and not in a way that pleases you. However, you can take a new job if the offer emanates from someone (or a company) from your past. In that case, you would not be starting a new relationship but simply continuing the one you started a long time ago. You know one another, and your reputation precedes you. Any retrograde planet will urge you to go back to readdress, review, reanalyze, refresh, redo, rethink, or relaunch things. You can travel, as long as you keep your wits about you—keep track of your treasures (smart phone, tablet, computer, wallet, ID, sunglasses, and reading glasses), and when you check your bags, make sure the baggage agent has correctly tagged them.

I mentioned that you have Mars in the third house of communication this month and that you may be writing or speaking quite a bit from assignments. There is another reason I feel that writing and communication is about to become a much bigger portion of your life, and it has to do with Uranus, which will enter Taurus for the first time since 1934 to 1942. This will be a new influence that you’ve never felt before because Uranus takes 84 years to revolve around the Sun, spending seven years in each sign it visits. Uranus rules the future, all things that are not fully understood (yet), science, high tech, and humanitarianism. Uranus is creative, chaotic, disruptive, independent, rebellious, and a true pathfinder. Uranus always strikes in an unpredictable way, sending news from out of the blue like a thunderbolt.

Mercury deals with rational, objective gathering of information. Uranus, as the higher octave of Mercury, takes all that Mercury gathers and resynthesizes it into the realm of genius. Your mind will be lit with 100,000 points of light in the coming seven years that Uranus will spend in Taurus, so you will have the inner power to write a groundbreaking book that proves both visionary (Uranus) and practical (Taurus) and that speaks to the souls of masses of people.

Keep in mind that Uranus rules all things unexpected, so wherever Uranus is often becomes the area of your chart that you go to for stimulation. From now until 2026, your excitement will come from one of the areas of the communication arts, such as writing, speaking, editing, researching, publishing, coding, or translating text. Uranus will also have you traveling more, and more spontaneously, than you have in the past. Uranus is about the future and innovation, and the third house (where Uranus will be for you) is about travel, so you may be one of the first to check out self-driving cars.

One of the best parts of Uranus’ move into Taurus is that Uranus will no longer be in Aries. For seven years, you had this unpredictable planet in your second house of earned income, and you may have earned more money over those years than you have ever seen in your life, but you also were hit by expenses that were bigger than any you’ve seen before. In short, since March 2011 you have experienced a rollercoaster effect of financial news.

You learned to have access to contingency funds and to be very resourceful when it came to money matters. There were times you had to turn on a dime, for Uranus teaches us that life can be unpredictable and that we must be adaptable, flexible, and smart about finding funds when they are suddenly needed. Your cosmic test from Uranus is over, and now Uranus moves into a much more settled, softer place of your chart. Uranus will never be back to your financial second house again in your lifetime. You won’t have experiences with money like that anymore. Those nerve-jangling days are over, and the door has been bolted shut on that era.

Speaking of money, the full moon of March 20 will fall in Libra, zero degrees, and light your eighth house of other people’s money. This is the area of the chart that covers money that comes to you in forms other than by your salary.

I feel you could get your tax forms back from your accountant on this full moon, March 20 (plus or minus four days). A full moon in Libra brings Venus into the discussion (for Venus rules Libra) and happily, Venus will be in ideal angle to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. Both Venus and Jupiter are associated with financial gain, and you could not wish for a better full moon to have than this one when you get the results of the taxes you must pay (or the refund that will be coming to you).

This same house rules credit cards, student and bank loans, inheritances, commissions, cash advances, royalties, bonuses, insurance payouts, and other such funds. If you applied for one of these type loans or infusions of cash, you are likely to get your answer at this time. No matter what financial news comes up, you are likely to be very happy about it.

Venus and Jupiter will peak in alignment on March 21, making this one of the most beautiful days of the month for your career. So, if you have an important interview or need to make a presentation, this is your day. Alternatively, you may be asked to speak on a panel, appear on TV, radio, or a podcast or make any other special initiation for your career. Use this four-star day well for it shines like a diamond in the Sun.

By month’s end, March 26, Venus will move into Pisces, so you will have lots to look forward to in April. Mercury will go direct on March 28, and Mars will move out of your communication sector to spotlight family and home. Every now and again, life is joyous, and this is one of these times. Happy Birthday, Pisces!


This will be a big month, for it will allow you to push forward toward a dream dear to you. It’s birthday time of the year too, giving your interests an extra boost of luck. Neptune, your ruler, will be orbiting close to the Sun and new moon of March 6 and will set off a chance for you to show your creativity, giving you a chance to do public speaking, be on television, and perhaps be cast in a very creative role in any profession where your ideas will be honored and discussed in depth. Saturn, Pluto, and Mars—quite a powerful trio—will support the new moon, one of the best you have seen in ages, indicating your entire year ahead could be marked by remarkable productivity.

The new moon will arrive March 6, so if your birthday falls on this date, or within four days of this date, then you will have a landmark month and birthday year ahead—things are clicking into place, dear Pisces.

The only thorn on the rose is the fact that Mercury will be retrograde from March 5 to March 28, yet even this could work in your favor. If the opportunities are ones that you discussed earlier in past months or years, they will come to fruition now. Someone or something from your past could figure prominently in your life now.

Something else will happen this month, coincidentally on March 6, when Uranus, the planet of the unpredictable, creative, innovative, independent, and sometimes disruptive, moves out of your second house of financial matters and into your third house of communication. This is good news on all fronts. Uranus stays in any house it visits for seven years, so you’ve had Uranus in a financial house continuously since March 2011. This caused your finances to gyrate, bringing at times more money than you’ve ever seen, and at other times, bigger expenses or losses than you ever thought possible. All that is over now, as Uranus moves into Taurus. This planet of volatility will be gone from your second house permanently, for it take 84 years for Uranus to revolve around the Sun and return to any given part of the chart.

Once in your third house, your mind will light up with brilliant ideas—Uranus is, after all, the planet of genius. Your mind will come up with all sorts of innovative ideas and equally original ways to express them. If you love to write—words or lyrics—your computer will be your friend, for words will come to you in ways that make you think you are practically channeling them from a higher source. Uranus rules your natural twelfth house of the subconscious, and now that Uranus is transiting your intellectual third house, he will bring the creativity of your subconscious up to the surface for all the world to see.

Most of the planets this month are on the eastern side of the chart, so you won’t need an agent or other middleman to propel you forward—it will be the force of your determination that will fuel the lion’s share of your success. Of course, you have to do your part by developing your innate talents, but if you make the effort, with Uranus at your side, there is no end to what you can achieve.

The third house also rules short distance travel, so you are likely to be able to travel more spontaneously than you have in the past. Mars is currently in this house now (until March 30), so you will likely immediately see glimmers of this trend in motion.

Contractual matters form part of the third house, so deals may come up quickly. Legal contractual agreements are complex, and so it would be wise to enlist the advice of a lawyer in every instance of being asked to sign any contract. You are lucky that Uranus in Taurus will be in fine angle to your Pisces Sun and to this new moon, but it’s best to be careful when such a volatile planet is influencing your binding agreements and promises. This month, if asked to sign, put off the signing until April, for as said, Mercury will retrograde from March 5 to 28. Table the signing until the weekend of April 2 or 14.

At the full moon in Libra on March 20, you will be finishing up a financial deal involving others. You might have applied for a mortgage, bank loan, student loan, university financial aid, or venture capital or put in a claim into an insurance company. Under any of these circumstances, you will likely hear the final answer within four days of March 20 and will likely be pleased with results.

Venus will be the key planet to watch, as it rules Libra, and happily, Venus will be in direct, friendly contact with Jupiter. This suggests you might be finalizing company benefits on a new position, or if you work on a commission or royalty basis, you could easily be receiving a generous check now. Jupiter’s exceptional position indicates this full moon’s financial emphasis suggests that the results of this full moon will be purely career related. This should be a happy moment, where your reputation and hard work come together to bring you tangible results.

At month’s end, March 26, Venus will move into Pisces to stay until April 20, ushering in a madly social time for you and a chance to do a complete refresh to your appearance and wardrobe. By March 28, Mercury will go direct, and you will feel a blast of energy with projects moving forward at the speed of light. Lastly, Mars, the timekeeper of the zodiac, will move into Gemini (March 30), allowing you to focus with great concentration on your house or apartment, to make the changes you’ve been longing to or locate a new place to live, one that you’ll love. In all, a very special birthday month is on the way to you!

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