Pisces Horoscope for March 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Contractual matters form part of the third house, so deals may come up quickly. Legal contractual agreements are complex, and so it would be wise to enlist the advice of a lawyer in every instance of being asked to sign any contract. You are lucky that Uranus in Taurus will be in fine angle to your Pisces Sun and to this new moon, but it’s best to be careful when such a volatile planet is influencing your binding agreements and promises. This month, if asked to sign, put off the signing until April, for as said, Mercury will retrograde from March 5 to 28. Table the signing until the weekend of April 2 or 14.

At the full moon in Libra on March 20, you will be finishing up a financial deal involving others. You might have applied for a mortgage, bank loan, student loan, university financial aid, or venture capital or put in a claim into an insurance company. Under any of these circumstances, you will likely hear the final answer within four days of March 20 and will likely be pleased with results.

Venus will be the key planet to watch, as it rules Libra, and happily, Venus will be in direct, friendly contact with Jupiter. This suggests you might be finalizing company benefits on a new position, or if you work on a commission or royalty basis, you could easily be receiving a generous check now. Jupiter’s exceptional position indicates this full moon’s financial emphasis suggests that the results of this full moon will be purely career related. This should be a happy moment, where your reputation and hard work come together to bring you tangible results.

At month’s end, March 26, Venus will move into Pisces to stay until April 20, ushering in a madly social time for you and a chance to do a complete refresh to your appearance and wardrobe. By March 28, Mercury will go direct, and you will feel a blast of energy with projects moving forward at the speed of light. Lastly, Mars, the timekeeper of the zodiac, will move into Gemini (March 30), allowing you to focus with great concentration on your house or apartment, to make the changes you’ve been longing to or locate a new place to live, one that you’ll love. In all, a very special birthday month is on the way to you!

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