Pisces Horoscope for March 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You appear to need to travel this month too, and so you’ll be on the road, but you’ll enjoy the travel, for you are sensitive to your surroundings and will be stimulated by the places you go. Your sister, brother, or cousin may be prominent in your life too, for the third house, so lit up, also rules your close kin.

If your birthday falls on March 7, plus or minus four days, or if you have Pisces rising 16 degrees or the natal moon in Pisces at that degree, plus or minus four degrees, you will be powerfully affected by new developments that come up this month. Be ready to mobilize—new moons are strong, and in this case, yours is very friendly and could help you make life changes.

This new moon will also affect you if you have a natal planet or rising sign in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, in all cases 16 degrees plus or minus four degrees. In your case, if you have a natal planet in one of these signs and degree, that planet will be lit up, so take notes and see what happens after the new moon appears. You should hear news within a week after March 6.

The one little glitch of this month is that Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from March 5 to March 28. Usually, this would be news that’s delivered by Debby Downer, but I feel this month you have such a superb new moon that Mercury should not slow your progress too much. It is true that I don’t want you to sign a contract this month, and I don’t want you to buy any electronic items, but the upside is that people from your past could come into your life and offer you superb opportunities.

The rule is not to take a new position with Mercury retrograde because the job description is likely to change a lot, and not in a way that pleases you. However, you can take a new job if the offer emanates from someone (or a company) from your past. In that case, you would not be starting a new relationship but simply continuing the one you started a long time ago. You know one another, and your reputation precedes you. Any retrograde planet will urge you to go back to readdress, review, reanalyze, refresh, redo, rethink, or relaunch things. You can travel, as long as you keep your wits about you—keep track of your treasures (smart phone, tablet, computer, wallet, ID, sunglasses, and reading glasses), and when you check your bags, make sure the baggage agent has correctly tagged them.

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