Pisces Horoscope for March 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is a very special month for you for it’s birthday time, and your once-a-year cosmic gift certificate will arrive on March 6 as a new moon in Pisces, 16 degrees. It will be as sweet as sugar. Each year, the Pisces new moon is different, and it comes to refresh the one you received last year, March 17. This one is far better. Also, each month the new moon appears in a different part of the horoscope wheel, but at birthday time, the new moon appears in the first house of your personality and identity, so you get to direct its energy in any way you please.

If you could see the planets clearly as you look up to the sky, you would see the Sun, new moon, and Neptune all orbiting closely in the highly imaginative sign of Pisces. That shows me that your creativity and intuition will be heightened to a powerful degree. Neptune rules all right-brain expressions of art, so you will be able to showcase your talents effectively in any of the arts, from painting, sculpture, illustration, design, choreography and dance, to film, photography, screenwriting and documentary writing, or composing and performing music. Also covered is acting, costume design, poetry, and all the other disciplines of art expression. Your ideas will be spot-on this month, so take time to to muse about your next project.

Neptune will be conjunct the Sun, so it appears you’ll be on TV or the subject of an important interview with your photograph displayed prominently for all the world to see.

You often find yourself in the role of taking care of others, but this month, the stars that are twinkling overhead are urging you to take a little time to think about yourself. What are your dreams? What should come next for you this year, dear Pisces? You are one sign that understands the powerful effect constructive daydreaming can have on the psyche. Experts say that the more detailed you can be in visualizing the life you want to achieve, the greater your chance will be to accomplish that dream.

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