Pisces Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

A friend may become domineering and difficult on June 19 when Mars and Pluto form a 180-degree opposition. Don’t lock horns if your ongoing friendship has always meant a lot to you—it would be hard for either side to claim victory. However, if this friend has given you pause many times in the past, you may finally throw in the towel and cut the cord. It’s up to you—you always have that option.

You may assume you’ll be staying home at month’s end, but when on June 27, Uranus, in your house of short-distance travel, beams the Sun (by then) in your fifth house of relaxation, leisure time, fun, and love, you may be hastily packing your bags for an exciting trip. You may not go far, but it surely will be exciting to be even a short distance away

If you are creative and need time in solitude to work, this trip could offer you that too, especially if you are involved in the communication arts. You might you writing books, a column, or apps or are involved in advertising, public relations, or social media. You may be a writer, editor, translator, researcher, proofreader, producer, or work in any related job in the publishing, broadcasting, or the digital world. While you have the completive edge, give your work all you have to give.

You are golden this month, and next month you will see more changes and opportunities emerge.

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