Pisces Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your most romantic, fun day of the month will be Thursday, June 13, when Neptune will signal Mars in highly compatible water-sign Cancer. This night will have magic, mystery, and enchantment. If your birthday falls on March 8, plus or minus two days, you will have a double dip of happiness on this glamorous day.

A few days later, you may run into a disagreement with a friend who voices an unsolicited opinion about the person you are dating due to Mars’ opposition to Pluto on June 19. It seems the friend (most likely a different person from the helpful friend discussed above about Saturn and Neptune) will be bossy, and you might want to think about what she or he says (in case there is any truth in it), but the words seems to be upsetting. Remember, it’s your life and your opinion that counts most.

The month will draw to a close on a sweet note. On June 27, the Sun and Uranus will be in ideal harmony. You may travel a short distance spontaneously, perhaps to enjoy a long weekend off. There is another way Uranus could surprise you—you might hear about a new assignment out of the blue that allows for plenty of creativity and which will pay well, too. On this remarkable evening, Cupid will be out and about with his little fleet of angels, so if you are single, this could be a fateful night when you meet your future mate. If you are attached, lavish your partner with attention, and your partner will be delighted and respond in kind. It is due to be a sparkling evening you should remember a long time.


You have been very focused on your career, as you should be, for Jupiter, the great planet of happiness, expansion, and profit has been setting your name in lights ever since this mighty planet entered Sagittarius last November 8, 2018. In a once-in-12-year visit to this part of your chart, Jupiter will continue to raise your industry profile until December 2, 2019. As exciting as your career has become (and you may not realize yet how well you are doing but will soon find out), it seems you may have neglected your home life. Your family may be complaining they never see you, or your house may be showing signs of wear and is in need of an upgrade.

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