Pisces Horoscope for June 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

June 2018

Dear Readers,

I am just coming off attending the United Astrology Conference in Chicago where I met so many astrologers from all over the world – Turkey, Brazil, China, Japan, Canada, England, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and of course the United States.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have just come through a favorable full moon last month, May 29, where your profile was high, so the publicity or job opportunities that came up may have been quite exciting. If nothing happened, you may still see developments within the first three days of June. When it comes to professional interests, all the smart money is betting on you. Once Jupiter enters Sagittarius in November for thirteen months, your reputation will skyrocket and create all the right, pretty fireworks.

When you look at the overall picture of 2018, foreign people and places were and still are deliciously lucky for you. You have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your ninth house, mainly an intellectual house of taking in advanced education on an undergraduate or graduate school level, or dispersing information though publishing, broadcasting, and Internet videos or articles. This house also rules immigration, green cards, visa, and matters of citizenship. It rules court cases, law, medicine, and philosophy.

If you do any kind of international import-export of goods, services, or ideas, or work with a person located in your country but that comes from a distant land, this person will be fortune for you. Finally, with Jupiter in this area of your chart, you are likely to travel far and wide at least once, to a place you never thought you’d ever see but always wished you could! All these areas sparkle brightly for you.

To show you how lucky you are when it comes to one of these matters listed above, on Friday, June 1, Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio will be in conversation on your behalf. If you are traveling on this day, you will love the location you visit. In business, you may also hear very good news about deals you negotiate and money due you on this magical-for-Pisces day. If you are not involved in any of these activities, you can still use June 1 to your advantage. It will be a wonderful day to give or go to a party or have a romantic dinner. Or, book an appointment at the spa for a treatment that you will find luxurious and memorable.

If you are a Pisces born on March 6, plus or minus three days, you will find that this beautiful aspect speaks directly to you.

The next day, Saturday, June 2, Venus will align with your ruler, Neptune, in one of the most glamorous, sparkling aspects possible. Venus will be in Cancer, and Neptune will be in Pisces, making this a rare and wonderful time to fall in love, celebrate love you have already found, or step out in the hopes of finding the love of your life. Days like this come by very rarely, so at the very least do something to treat yourself to a special experience – earlier in the day, schedule a haircut in a posh salon, or go shopping for the outfit that seems quintessentially you and makes you feel like a million dollars (even though you might have snapped up those designer threads on a fabulously attractive sale price).

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