Pisces Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

We are in eclipse season with this time three eclipses appearing in June and July, each two weeks apart. The two that occurred in June seem to be the more important ones of the bunch for you. The main one that might have captured your attention was the major full moon eclipse of June 5 in Sagittarius, which lit your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Something was coming to culmination or a finish, and it involved your career. I wrote a lot about that eclipse last month.

Eclipses usually signal change, so you may be moving to a new job. Often an eclipse will “eclipse out” a person from a relationship or situation. It may have been you who decided the business relationship had run its course, and it was time to leave the partnership or client. I admit it could have been the other way around and that your company had to lay you off. Either way, the eclipse had plans for you, and you are moving to a better situation.

If you are self-employed, you may feel the situation had started out well enough, but now you find yourself in a bad situation that you need to get out of. It looks like you may have taken action at the June 5 eclipse. If you work for others, your company may be struggling from the pandemic and must lay off a number of people. There are many possibilities, but should you find yourself without a job, I hope the eclipse affected you so that you will not be out of work very long.

The June 5 eclipse was the first eclipse in the Sagittarius-Gemini family of signs, a series that will continue in 2020 on November 30 and December 14 and also throughout 2021. Those will arrive May 26, June 10, November 19, and December 3. You can imagine you will see a number of career changes, and that means you will have plenty of opportunities for growth.

Last month’s new moon solar eclipse on June 21 in Cancer, zero degrees, lit your fifth house of romance, creativity, pregnancy, birth, and the care of children. If you are single and not dating, that June 21 eclipse may have brought a vibrant new love to your life—albeit through Zoom conference rather than in real life during a pandemic. That was a new moon solar eclipse, so you may meet your new love in person at some point during the coming six months.

If you want to have a baby, or adopt one, that eclipse of June 21 will be strong for six months and will help you accomplish that dream. If you already have children, you may be hearing good news about one of them. Time spent with children this month will be gloriously happy and satisfying.

That same June 21 eclipse may have sparked a new creative project, either generated by you or through a call that came in from a client. Pisces is the most creative sign of the zodiac, and as such, you need to express your ideas and imagination continually through having various projects—they are like oxygen to you. You may have a creative career, or you may work on your artistic projects privately on your own time. That June 21 eclipse can turn out to be your friend and spark quite a bit of creative expression in the weeks and months to come.

Now let’s turn to this month and the July 4-5 full moon eclipse in Capricorn, 14 degrees. Capricorn is an earth sign that blends well with your water-sign Pisces Sun. This tells me you may be able to make it work for you. I love that Uranus will be in perfect angle to this full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer. Uranus is in your third house of writing, thinking, speaking, and negotiation, and that is where you may get a surprise message that makes you happy.

On July 27, retrograde Jupiter and Neptune will sync up, making it the perfect time to go back to a project you had put aside. Dear Pisces, it would be a shame not to capture the lyrical energy that Neptune and Jupiter are creating for you!

This lunar eclipse will light your house of friendship, for the full moon will join Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn already in that part of your solar chart. A friend may be the focus, or your membership in a certain group. This house also rules charities and political and community organizations. Something is reaching culmination. Eclipses tend to bring a light of truth that previously had been hidden, or they show a person’s true character in a way that can be unexpected and even disturbing. You may see a good friend move to another city, or you may have a falling out with a friend and end the friendship. Let’s think good thoughts—it is too distressing to even consider.

Fortunately, Jupiter, planet of good fortune, is orbiting close to the full moon—they are ten degrees apart, and although I wish they were closer, with an eclipse I easily allow a ten-degree tolerance, so Jupiter will be close enough to help you. That’s no small asset!

There is a cacophony of voices around you at the time of this eclipse—all at once. The ruler of this eclipse is Saturn, and again, fortunately, Mars will be in good angle to Saturn and will add to and support your sense of security.

Keep in mind that an eclipse can be felt on the day (75%) or one month to the day earlier, which would have been June 5 (10%) or one month to the day later (15%). In that case you will feel it August 5.

If you don’t feel anything on one of those days, there is one more date to watch. It is the day Mars makes a decisive aspect to the degree of the eclipse, which will happen July 22. This could be a day filled with fireworks, including in the news or in the outside world. Plenty will be happening, so stay tuned.

We need to talk about your finances for a moment. Last month, Mars moved into Aries on June 27 and immediately started forcing up your spending. Mars is touring Aries, an entrepreneurial sign, so you may be investing in a new business or getting ready to introduce a new product or service to the marketplace. Aries is the sign that acts as a pathfinder to all things new and innovative, so you may enjoy getting experience with something very new, especially since so few people have that type of experience. Aries is also the sign of the warrior, so Mars will tutor you on the value of competing well with energy and drive.

Of course, there are many reasons why your costs may be mounting. You may already have an inkling of what expenses they might be.

Here is vital information: Mars will retrograde from September 9 to November 13, considered a terrible time to introduce a new product or service. It is also not a favorable time to start a new romantic relationship. Be as productive as you can in July and August, but know as you get to the end of August, you will see life slow down noticeably.

Here’s something to help you understand Mars retrograde: When Mars is healthy and orbiting at normal speed, he takes two days to travel one degree. As he gets ready to retrograde at the end of August and early September, Mars will take 12 days to travel one degree. You will be walking through glue, and the simplest tasks will seem arduous. As you get deeper into the Mars retrograde, say, in October, he will speed up a bit, but at best he will still take four days to go one degree—double his normal time of two days to travel one degree.

I hope I have convinced you not to launch anything during Mars retrograde! Mars will teach you and help you compete well, so when you want to be the best you can be, you need to avoid Mars out of phase. Mars will overlap part of the time I see a second wave of the coronavirus. That is due to surface at the end of September or the first week of October and extend through mid-December, when, according to the math, we all will likely be back in a frozen state.

To make things a little more complicated, Mars’ brother Mercury started to retrograde last month on June 17 and will turn direct July 12. Mercury rules contracts and agreements, so hopefully you’ll be able to sign any important papers after July 12 rather than before. If you need to buy anything expensive, like a car, or need to close on a house, do so after Mercury goes direct, not before—I like July 16.

Right now, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde. That’s quite a number of sleepy planets. Venus went direct on June 24 (after being retrograde since May 12), so that will help you see progress on writing and speaking projects and also those involving your home.

Mars will stay in your second house of income much longer than usual. The normal time Mars spends in any one sign is six weeks, but this year, Mars will remain in Aries for six months, until January 6, 2021. If you have prepared to spend quite a bit of money soon anyway—you need to buy a car, new computer, a refrigerator, or send a check for tuition—then you already know what is coming. However, if you have no idea why you would be spending more, you may want to space out your expenditures until you get the lay of the land.

Mars in Aries will be angry at both the full moon in Capricorn and the Sun 180 degrees away in Cancer at the July 4-5 eclipse forming a tight, stressful T-square of planets refusing to cooperate with each other. You may reach an impasse with someone over money, and because hot-headed Mars is involved, an argument may break out. I know you will be frustrated about money, but I am not sure precisely why.

There is another possible reason besides Mars. The eleventh house, where your eclipse is taking place, aside from ruling friendships, groups, charities, humanitarian efforts, and political activities, also reflects for self-employed people the profit you made from work done earlier. It may be that someone owes you and is not paying you on time, or worse, is declaring bankruptcy. Or it may be that you owe someone and need to scramble to find the money to pay this person. This is a full moon, so things will reach a finish, but in the process may get inflamed. You may need the help of your lawyer to protect your interests.

If your birthday falls on March 3, plus or minus five days, you will feel this eclipse the most and find a way to benefit from it. The same is true if you have Pisces rising 14 degrees or have a natal planet or moon in Pisces within five degrees of 14 degrees. You can make this new moon work for you—you are on the side of the angels.

Now let’s look at the next most important moment, a new moon in your fifth house, which rules love, leisure, sports, creativity, and also pregnancy and care of children. One of these areas is a major topic for you these days. If you recall, we had a new moon in Cancer last month, the eclipse of June 21. It is rare to have two new moons in a row, but we do. This one, however, is not an eclipse, yet it is a difficult new moon in Cancer, 28 degrees, and it will feel strong.

Saturn, now in Capricorn, will directly oppose this new moon, so if you take on a creative assignment, it will be strenuous. I want you to protect your health for you may be feeling drained. Keep in mind a new moon sets up a trend that lasts for six months. It would be wise to have your doctor give you a checkup, and ask if you need to take any steps, such as to take vitamins, to stay strong.

Pluto will oppose the Sun and new moon of July 20 too, so this suggests a client will be domineering and difficult to please. Don’t engage this person—this person feeds on making others angry. You can handle this if you plan to say little. If necessary, let others speak for you—your business partner, lawyer accountant, agent, or publicist.

If your birthday falls on March 18, plus or minus five days, you will feel this new moon of July 20 the most, but oddly, you are the most likely to find a way to benefit from all that occurs. The same is true if you have Pisces rising 28 degrees, plus or minus five degrees.

Now I want to tell you something very special before I go—such good news! In ancient days, before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was your planetary ruler, a rulership you shared with Sagittarius. When Neptune was discovered, the astrological community assigned Neptune to Pisces, for Neptune is the planet of the arts and all expressive creativity. Today, modern astrologers look at both Jupiter and Neptune to forecast your upcoming opportunities.

This year, good-fortune planet Jupiter and Neptune, planet of the imagination, have been in rare sync. Their cooperation with each another is rare, and this is a big feature of 2020.

They first signaled each other on February 20 this year, linking expansive, financial Jupiter in Capricorn to artistic Neptune in Pisces. They were 60 degrees apart, creating a sextile, and that translates into the bubbling up of opportunity for profit from creative expressions.

This month, on July 27, Jupiter and Neptune will make the same aspect again. Jupiter and Neptune will both be retrograde, making it the perfect time to go back to a project you had put aside some time ago. Dear Pisces, reignite that project—it’s the ideal time to do so. It would be a shame not to capture the lyrical energy that Neptune and Jupiter are creating for you! Pisces is the one sign in the perfect position to take full advantage of this trend.

Before these two planets part and spin off in their separate directions, Jupiter and Neptune will create one more aspect on October 12. At the time, Jupiter will be moving direct and be strong, allowing Jupiter to bring you a generous sum for work done on a creative assignment. After October 12, this aspect will start to fade like perfume into the air. It will not be until 2022 that you will get another shot of Jupiter and Neptune’s extraordinary help. Dear Pisces, this is your time!

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


In many ways, June and July were to be the key turning points of the year. Most years hold four eclipses, but this year we have six (and if we count the one that came by December 24, 2019, we have seven). Eclipses are the tool that the universe uses to create the most dramatic changes in our lives. They bring surprise events, and they demand almost instant adjustment.

Last month, you had an eclipse that affected your career (June 5, a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius). You may lose one client so you can take another, or you may be changing jobs. That eclipse was an enlightening one in Sagittarius, and it is opening your eyes and helping you grow. We had another eclipse, a solar new moon on June 21 in Cancer, one that may have brought opportunity to enjoy love, romance and more fun with children. If you hope for a baby, your wish may come true in the coming weeks and months.

Now a third eclipse will appear, only two weeks following the last one, due July 4-5 in Capricorn, focusing you on a friend or your community of supporters. This eclipse will bring something to an end or finish. You may see a friend move away, get married, or have a baby, and if you find that you now are in different phases of live, you may feel you are drifting apart and feel sentimental. Or you may have a serious disagreement with a friend and decide to part. Let’s think good thoughts, because it’s just as possible that a friend will be a blessing to you.

Uranus, the planet of unanticipated events, will be beautifully oriented to that full moon eclipse. In this case, a friend (perhaps a different one) would go out of her way to help you in a touching, substantial way. The reason for the opposite outlooks is that eclipses push feelings to one or the other end of the spectrum of feelings to reveal their messages clearly.

This month will not emphasize your career as it did last month, but it will have you doing quite a bit of money management, not only now, but in the months to come. Mars just recently entered Aries, June 27, and is set to stay not the usual six weeks but rather six months, until January 6, 2021. If you are self-employed, you may be investing in your business or applying for loans so that you can make capital improvements while you keep paying your staff.

If you are working on a launch, the fact that Mars is in Aries suggests that the project would be new and entrepreneurial—you may be forging a path that no one has ever walked before. Alternatively, the outgo of money you will see might point to the possibility of higher-than usual expenses, possibly because you are undergoing a lifestyle change. In that regard, you might be moving to a new home, getting married, having a baby, or going to college or graduate school. While your outgo will be high now and in the coming months, you may have planned for this period, and certainly the money would be well spent.

Also, under this trend activated by Mars, you will be motivated to find new sources of income. To that end, you may be working hard to come up with new strategies and techniques to improve your cash flow and also have money left over for you to save or spend. Mars will retrograde from September 9 to November 13, so if you are about to launch a new project, do so after July 16 through the end of August, or wait to launch in December or January. Those are the best months to see your dream realized.

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