Pisces Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This lunar eclipse will light your house of friendship, for the full moon will join Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn already in that part of your solar chart. A friend may be the focus, or your membership in a certain group. This house also rules charities and political and community organizations. Something is reaching culmination. Eclipses tend to bring a light of truth that previously had been hidden, or they show a person’s true character in a way that can be unexpected and even disturbing. You may see a good friend move to another city, or you may have a falling out with a friend and end the friendship. Let’s think good thoughts—it is too distressing to even consider.

Fortunately, Jupiter, planet of good fortune, is orbiting close to the full moon—they are ten degrees apart, and although I wish they were closer, with an eclipse I easily allow a ten-degree tolerance, so Jupiter will be close enough to help you. That’s no small asset!

There is a cacophony of voices around you at the time of this eclipse—all at once. The ruler of this eclipse is Saturn, and again, fortunately, Mars will be in good angle to Saturn and will add to and support your sense of security.

Keep in mind that an eclipse can be felt on the day (75%) or one month to the day earlier, which would have been June 5 (10%) or one month to the day later (15%). In that case you will feel it August 5.

If you don’t feel anything on one of those days, there is one more date to watch. It is the day Mars makes a decisive aspect to the degree of the eclipse, which will happen July 22. This could be a day filled with fireworks, including in the news or in the outside world. Plenty will be happening, so stay tuned.

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