Pisces Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars and Uranus will be at odds too, adding tension in the days on and near July 11, and might affect you on July 16 (plus or minus four days), so this certainly would not be the best time to take a trip. Much could go wrong, and besides, it seems a lot will be happening at the office, with friends, and at home where you will be needed. Even though you will be working hard and see a lot of commotion in the second half of July, your professional standing in your industry and the world will grow to greater heights.

The month will end on a happy note. On July 31, a second new moon will appear (not an eclipse) and bring news of an exciting, creative, prestigious assignment. Good-fortune Jupiter, shining in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, suggests this project will elevate your reputation and open the door to more complex, sophisticated work. The work you do after this new moon arrives, from July 31 through the first two-weeks of August, will have the power to bring you much applause. Uranus will again be acting up, so be careful before sending in any written work to a client, management, or the printer, for if it goes to press and you have to reprint, you’ll be mortified. Have extra eyes look at all your work, and if asked to sign a contract, ask for the advice of a lawyer before you sign.

This same new moon will be the finest one in the year to start a new fitness program or to learn a new sport. Working out will keep you calm and your mind clear, so look into possibilities on July 31 or begin in early August.

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