Pisces Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Eclipses often bring a change in lifestyle and open a new path, and this one seems to bring that as well as more responsibility, as Saturn will oppose the new moon and Sun at the same time. This could mean that you will commit to a closer, more exclusive relationship with the person you are dating and love. With eclipses, change can go either way, so if you have been quite unhappy and feel you are not compatible, you may decide to break up.

There are other possibilities. You may decide to get pregnant (or find out that indeed, you are already pregnant), or a member of your family may become pregnant or give birth and ask for your assistance in caring for her baby. Any promise you make during this eclipse will continue a long while, due to Saturn’s strong presence, but all this may give you great joy. Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments, will be very friendly to the Sun and new moon on July 2, indicating the possibility for a sweet surprise coming as a fun, quick trip in the days that follow the solar eclipse or a chance romantic meeting if you are single.

A third option (or the way the solar eclipse of July 2 may play out) is that a new creative project may burst into your life, one that totally captures your imagination. Neptune, your ruler, will be the friendliest planet to you all month and will send inspirational beams to the Sun and new moon solar eclipse, suggesting you are about to create something unique and quite special.

The second eclipse will arrive as a full moon lunar eclipse July 16 in Capricorn, and this time will draw your attention to a friend who may be quite pushy. You may have evidence that she has betrayed you, or she may be insistent that you listen to her even if everything inside you is telling you to resist (lunar eclipses always point toward women). Pluto will conjunct the moon and oppose the Sun, suggesting you will feel that your friend’s demands, manipulations, or actions are outrageously unfair. If it turns out not to be a friend who presses on you, then it might be one of the leaders of a club you belong to who will become a thorn in your side.

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