Pisces Horoscope for January 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You are entering a fantastic month, for January is one you will likely enjoy to the fullest. Last month, the universe shuffled the planets, creating an entirely new picture of life for everyone. The big change occurred on December 2 when Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, entered Capricorn, your joyous eleventh house of hopes and wishes. This same house rules friends and groups of all kinds, so it seems a sure thing that you will be expanding your circle dramatically in 2020. If you are active in social media, watch your followers grow, too. This is the first time in 12 years you’ve had this generous planet—Jupiter—in this part of your chart, and you will reap many enviable benefits from Jupiter’s position.

Jupiter will see to it that you make the acquaintance of many new people, some of whom will become close friends. Others will be highly placed VIPs from your industry who will want to go out of their way to help you get ahead. You will meet successful people from many walks of life including government, academia, business, publishing and broadcasting, diplomacy, politics, medicine, and law, so January and the months ahead will be stimulating and exciting.

The house opposite your eleventh house of friendship on the horoscope wheel is your fifth house of truelove. Often, energy bounces back and forth in a 180-degree line, benefiting both houses. This means not only will you likely make new, successful friends who will inspire you to higher aims, but you may also meet a romantic interest who has a heart similar to yours, and you will find you will have a lot in common.

The December 25 eclipse in Capricorn at four degrees was darling—it must have set you off in a new direction, and you will be rubbing shoulders with many new adoring people. You seem to be garnering attention, and you may be doing charity work, a humanitarian or community project, or giving a lecture tour to share your ideas. You are eliciting a great response, I can see—the eclipse is making this so.

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