Pisces Horoscope for January 2019

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January 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your good friends, contacts, and even casual acquaintances will be the center of your progress during nearly all of January, and they will affect almost all your gains in the first half of the month. You seem to be socializing quite a bit—sometimes with friends and other times with business partners, associates, and clients. You seem to have worked hard in December, and you achieved much, so be proud. You may feel you had little or no time off, so while the rest of the world heads back to work, you are likely to be living life backward, working hard in December and taking time this month to breathe, unwind, and have a little fun.

I will go chronologically through the month, so I will have to start with New Year’s Eve, December 31, which may have fallen a bit flat. The Sun and Saturn were and still are conjunct, which is an astrological oxymoron—Saturn wants you to work, not play, so this was likely anything but a carefree evening. You may be one of the many people who had to work that evening because of the nature of your job. Or, with expenses running high in December, you might have opted to conserve cash for now.

Alternatively, with Saturn conjunct the Sun (and the Sun rules your health), you may have come down with the sniffles or another illness, and for New Year’s were home sipping tea in your cozy bathrobe. This is the first time I saw such a somber aspect for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (yes, this will continue through January 2). I had to go back to December 26, 1988, to find anything similar. In another instance, you may have had fun, but had to brave difficult weather—Saturn conjunct the Sun usually sets up hard driving conditions—cold, heavy rain, or snow.

Your big moment will come when the new moon solar eclipse appears on January 5, in your solar eleventh house of friendship, community, and social groups. Because new moon eclipses tend to bring landmark events, something important seems to be bubbling up. You may give one or more speeches to a group that a producer will attend, and who will contact you afterward to see if you’d like to work on a TV show. Or, you may join a new club or charity effort—it is a perfect time to do so—and make new friends who will have a strong, positive impact in future weeks or months.

You may reconnect with an older, experienced person this month that you always admired, and who may become a mentor to you, offering you wise career advice when you need it. (This would be Saturn speaking.)

This is just the start of a series of eclipses in Capricorn—there will be another in July and December of this year, and each one will build upon what you achieved or discussed during the one that came before. In that sense, eclipses are like pearls on a necklace, strung together, with each one influencing the next. Once the family of eclipses has delivered all its news—which takes two years, coming by every five-and-a-half months—the eclipses move on to another family of signs. However, just because you feel one eclipse in the family of signs (such as the Capricorn-Cancer family), it does not mean you will feel them all, for each eclipse arrives at a different degree.

On January 22, Jupiter and Venus will conjoin in your already invigorated tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, an event that only happens rarely in Sagittarius. (The last time was 24 years ago.) This will be a knockout day for scoring a major career victory.

If your birthday falls on March 7, plus or minus five days, you will feel this January 5 eclipse the most. The same is true if you have Pisces rising at 16 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, or a natal planet or natal moon in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, at 16 degrees.

A troublesome full moon lunar eclipse is due in Leo, one degree, on January 20. It will fall in your sixth house of work projects and health. This eclipse is related to one we had last summer, July 27, and continues the meditation or discussion you may have started at that time. This January 20 eclipse may bring changes to your work environment—you may move headquarters or see the space upgraded with new equipment. You may see a co-worker or subordinate depart or see a client go, and you may be quite shocked by this turn of events. This is a tense eclipse—sign no contract on January 20. I suggest signing on January 22 or January 26.

The problem with this eclipse is that Uranus will be in a sharp, 90-degree angle to the Sun in Aquarius, and at the same time, an identical sharp 90-degree angle to the moon in Leo. That is a nerve-jangling aspect, because the news will be unexpected. These signs cut across your house of workaday assignments. Eclipses often call for sacrifice, and I find I am always happy if I only have to give up something small and marginal. In other words, there’s what I call a sacrificial lamb in many eclipses, but if it’s a client that gave you only tiny assignments, you might not feel the loss very much at all. You would likely get a new and better client to replace the one you lost, so keep your antennae up. A new client is likely to come through your involvement with friends and contacts, made possible by mixing at all kinds of events.

Keep an eye on your health. The house highlighted by the January 20 eclipse rules the preventative steps you take to stay well. In this way, it links to the July 27 eclipse of last year (affecting work or health matters) and also to the one that came earlier, January 31, 2018. Keep appointments with your doctor, and if she recommends certain medicine, vitamins, or exercises, be sure you follow the plan. A full moon will bring matters to a culmination.

The good part is that whatever comes up at a full moon eclipse, you will have to attend to quickly with no lingering. The suddenness of the news of this eclipse will be hard for members of every sign to deal with, but the news for each sign will accent a different part of life. Don’t schedule meetings in the days surrounding January 20—almost everyone will be dealing with something in their lives. (Having said that, they would have to have planets in very early degrees to be touched by this particular eclipse at one-degree Leo.)

Now let’s turn to your income and expenses. Mars is currently in Aries, moving through your second house of income, so your expenses seem to be higher than usual, but they will simmer down by February 14. This is a temporary trend. At the same time, you will use clever methods to bring in more income, too. So, while money goes out, money will also be coming in.

All month, your career will be blossoming and growing beautifully—it could not be better. Venus will move into your solar tenth house of career, prestige, and pinnacles on January 7, to stay until February 3, so clearly, you will be popular with VIPs and peers alike. Everyone wants to work with you or for you, dear Pisces.

You will have three shimmering career days coming this month. Make an effort to use these gem-like days, for they are rare. If you look, you will be able to find enviable opportunities on these days.

Your first dazzling career day will occur on January 18, when Venus and Mars gaze to one another across a star-studded sky. This is a day when your reputation for fine work can earn you a plum assignment that should pay exceptionally well, and at the same time, add to your growing stature. Use this day to give a speech or schedule an interview or presentation.

January 22 will be a juicy peach. That is the day when Venus and Jupiter will embrace in Sagittarius, in your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, found at the highest point of your chart. You have worked your whole life for this moment—make sure you initiate a focused, career-related action on this magical day. You might launch a new product or service, have your new book published, sign an important contract, or line up an effective advertising, publicity, or social media campaign. These are a few ideas—you will decide the action that is right for you.

I just said you worked nearly your entire life to get the opportunities that may come to you on January 22. I looked back to see how often Venus conjoined Jupiter in Sagittarius in your tenth house of fame and honors. The last time that happened was January 14, 1995, and November 19, 1995. Wow! That was 24 years ago! Do you believe me now? This day will be spectacular for career and money matters—you can score a major career victory.

Now, I have my third, and last, stellar day of the month to share with you, January 25, when Mars, in your financial sector (solar second house) will reach out to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck (in your prestigious solar tenth house of achievement, fame, and honors). On this day, whatever career-related news comes up will lead directly to good money, and at the same time enhance your reputation.

Put the champagne on ice, dear Pisces—it sounds like you will be celebrating by month’s end, and you will deserve all your good fortune.


You have a fabulous outlook for early January. You worked hard in December, but this month will allow you time to play and be with your friends. An unusual crown of stars—Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, the Sun, and new moon solar eclipse (January 5)—will stack up in Capricorn. This nearly guarantees your friends will take on an unusually prominent role in your life in January, and they will affect every part of your life, from introductions to new romantic interests, to opportunities in career, to uncovering money-making opportunities, and more.

You would be wise to circulate in January—this is no time to hibernate inside. Accept the invitation; arrange dinners with friends; attend club events, charity benefits, museum openings; and let events unfold, as they will, naturally. Among those you meet will be very influential, powerful people who can help you, although when you first meet, nothing will be further from your mind.

Still, your reputation precedes you, and you will have little to prove—an enviable position, indeed. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will be in your tenth house of fame and honors until next December 2, 2019, and will raise your reputation sky-high in coming months. Venus will enter this same part of your chart on January 7, to remain until February 3, hinting you will be the favorite of VIPs.

The first of three most important dates to watch for superb progress in your career will be January 18, when Mars in Aries, your house of earned income, will signal Venus, in your house of wealth and prestige. This suggests you will find a way to generate income from the fine work you’ve been doing. This day is very favorable for making money.

On January 22, Jupiter and Venus will conjoin in your already invigorated tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, an event that happens rarely in Sagittarius. (The last time was 24 years ago.) This will be a knockout day for scoring a major career victory. Use it to give a speech, a presentation, launch a new product or service, or schedule a job or press interview. This would also be a fine month to line up an advertising, publicity, or social media campaign, and of course, to sign a contract.

This month also holds another eclipse, a full moon lunar eclipse, in Leo, on January 20. This eclipse will coax you to take good care of yourself, as you may be stretched too thin with all the career projects you have to shoulder. This eclipse could bring an end to an important task, and this one seems to be more vital to your future than most. This is not an easy eclipse, because jarring news is likely to come up concerning a work project or health matter, and it seems to come out of left field. Keep up annual medical exams and screenings, and hover over work projects, as one might be ready to go off the rails and need immediate attention.

Watch the budget for any project you work on now, and if your client won’t approve funds to pay for overages, you may need to pull a rabbit out of your hat to keep the integrity of the project. The challenge of this eclipse might be partly financial, but considering how well your career is going, you seem to have nothing to fear—the smart money is betting on you, dear Pisces. There is nowhere to go other than onward and upward.

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