Pisces Horoscope for January 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month also holds another eclipse, a full moon lunar eclipse, in Leo, on January 20. This eclipse will coax you to take good care of yourself, as you may be stretched too thin with all the career projects you have to shoulder. This eclipse could bring an end to an important task, and this one seems to be more vital to your future than most. This is not an easy eclipse, because jarring news is likely to come up concerning a work project or health matter, and it seems to come out of left field. Keep up annual medical exams and screenings, and hover over work projects, as one might be ready to go off the rails and need immediate attention.

Watch the budget for any project you work on now, and if your client won’t approve funds to pay for overages, you may need to pull a rabbit out of your hat to keep the integrity of the project. The challenge of this eclipse might be partly financial, but considering how well your career is going, you seem to have nothing to fear—the smart money is betting on you, dear Pisces. There is nowhere to go other than onward and upward.

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