Pisces Horoscope for January 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

A troublesome full moon lunar eclipse is due in Leo, one degree, on January 20. It will fall in your sixth house of work projects and health. This eclipse is related to one we had last summer, July 27, and continues the meditation or discussion you may have started at that time. This January 20 eclipse may bring changes to your work environment—you may move headquarters or see the space upgraded with new equipment. You may see a co-worker or subordinate depart or see a client go, and you may be quite shocked by this turn of events. This is a tense eclipse—sign no contract on January 20. I suggest signing on January 22 or January 26.

The problem with this eclipse is that Uranus will be in a sharp, 90-degree angle to the Sun in Aquarius, and at the same time, an identical sharp 90-degree angle to the moon in Leo. That is a nerve-jangling aspect, because the news will be unexpected. These signs cut across your house of workaday assignments. Eclipses often call for sacrifice, and I find I am always happy if I only have to give up something small and marginal. In other words, there’s what I call a sacrificial lamb in many eclipses, but if it’s a client that gave you only tiny assignments, you might not feel the loss very much at all. You would likely get a new and better client to replace the one you lost, so keep your antennae up. A new client is likely to come through your involvement with friends and contacts, made possible by mixing at all kinds of events.

Keep an eye on your health. The house highlighted by the January 20 eclipse rules the preventative steps you take to stay well. In this way, it links to the July 27 eclipse of last year (affecting work or health matters) and also to the one that came earlier, January 31, 2018. Keep appointments with your doctor, and if she recommends certain medicine, vitamins, or exercises, be sure you follow the plan. A full moon will bring matters to a culmination.

The good part is that whatever comes up at a full moon eclipse, you will have to attend to quickly with no lingering. The suddenness of the news of this eclipse will be hard for members of every sign to deal with, but the news for each sign will accent a different part of life. Don’t schedule meetings in the days surrounding January 20—almost everyone will be dealing with something in their lives. (Having said that, they would have to have planets in very early degrees to be touched by this particular eclipse at one-degree Leo.)

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