Pisces Horoscope for January 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You may reconnect with an older, experienced person this month that you always admired, and who may become a mentor to you, offering you wise career advice when you need it. (This would be Saturn speaking.)

This is just the start of a series of eclipses in Capricorn—there will be another in July and December of this year, and each one will build upon what you achieved or discussed during the one that came before. In that sense, eclipses are like pearls on a necklace, strung together, with each one influencing the next. Once the family of eclipses has delivered all its news—which takes two years, coming by every five-and-a-half months—the eclipses move on to another family of signs. However, just because you feel one eclipse in the family of signs (such as the Capricorn-Cancer family), it does not mean you will feel them all, for each eclipse arrives at a different degree.

On January 22, Jupiter and Venus will conjoin in your already invigorated tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, an event that only happens rarely in Sagittarius. (The last time was 24 years ago.) This will be a knockout day for scoring a major career victory.

If your birthday falls on March 7, plus or minus five days, you will feel this January 5 eclipse the most. The same is true if you have Pisces rising at 16 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, or a natal planet or natal moon in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, at 16 degrees.

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