Pisces Horoscope for January 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

January 2019

Dear Reader,

In this letter, I have written a free essay, below, called An Introduction to 2019 to give you an exciting overview of the coming year. There are lots of new trends that will offer this year a new look and feel, and I knew you would want to be filled in on those interesting details. It certainly will be a more productive year than 2018, and I will show you why in a moment.

Before you read my essay on the Year Ahead 2019 found below, I want you to know I am doing two free events in New York in January and one special keynote at the New Life Expo in Deerfield FL, near Boca Raton, on Saturday, February 2. Please come—I want to meet you!

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your good friends, contacts, and even casual acquaintances will be the center of your progress during nearly all of January, and they will affect almost all your gains in the first half of the month. You seem to be socializing quite a bit—sometimes with friends and other times with business partners, associates, and clients. You seem to have worked hard in December, and you achieved much, so be proud. You may feel you had little or no time off, so while the rest of the world heads back to work, you are likely to be living life backward, working hard in December and taking time this month to breathe, unwind, and have a little fun.

I will go chronologically through the month, so I will have to start with New Year’s Eve, December 31, which may have fallen a bit flat. The Sun and Saturn were and still are conjunct, which is an astrological oxymoron—Saturn wants you to work, not play, so this was likely anything but a carefree evening. You may be one of the many people who had to work that evening because of the nature of your job. Or, with expenses running high in December, you might have opted to conserve cash for now.

Alternatively, with Saturn conjunct the Sun (and the Sun rules your health), you may have come down with the sniffles or another illness, and for New Year’s were home sipping tea in your cozy bathrobe. This is the first time I saw such a somber aspect for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (yes, this will continue through January 2). I had to go back to December 26, 1988, to find anything similar. In another instance, you may have had fun, but had to brave difficult weather—Saturn conjunct the Sun usually sets up hard driving conditions—cold, heavy rain, or snow.

Your big moment will come when the new moon solar eclipse appears on January 5, in your solar eleventh house of friendship, community, and social groups. Because new moon eclipses tend to bring landmark events, something important seems to be bubbling up. You may give one or more speeches to a group that a producer will attend, and who will contact you afterward to see if you’d like to work on a TV show. Or, you may join a new club or charity effort—it is a perfect time to do so—and make new friends who will have a strong, positive impact in future weeks or months.

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