Pisces Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

So although money is flowing out, dear Pisces, I see you have possibilities to see money flow in, too.


You have been accepting additional life responsibilities, but over the August 30 weekend, the full moon in Pisces may have you feeling overwhelmed. In life we don’t always know when thing will lift and life will become easier. The weight of the world seems heavier when you are tired, so during the time that full moon will wane (until September 4), give yourself the gift of peace, quiet, and a slow, relaxed schedule.

Venus, which provides much of the fun in life, has been at reduced power while she has been retrograde, starting July 22, but Venus will go direct on September 3, after which Venus will get stronger each day. If life seemed lackluster during the past few weeks, you now know why (blame a sleepy Venus), but things will soon change noticeably for the better. Indeed, more fun and love is on the way no matter whether you are single or married.

When it comes to a close relationship, keep your eye on the new moon in Virgo on September 14 and the weeks that follow. This new moon will be a gift for starting and improving your interactions with a committed partner in love or business. If you are starting a new, serious alliance, you may find the agreement (business contract or pre-nuptial agreement) has a few clauses that need to be adjusted. It will take time to sort out, so have your lawyer be the intermediary to negotiate for you. Jupiter, the good fortune planet, is currently in your third house of communication, so you will find the perfect words to gracefully clarify your agreement.

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