Pisces Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

The first eclipse in this series recently occurred in Aries at 29 degrees on April 19. Now the second one is due next month and will arrive as a new moon solar eclipse in Libra, 21 degrees, on October 14.

New sources of income will be presented, and you may reorganize and prioritize increasing your income while you go through this process. The October 14 eclipse will be very positive—new moon solar eclipses mark beginnings. This new family of eclipses will come by every six months in pairs, up to March 29, 2025, when this series will end with a solar eclipse in Aries, 9 degrees.

Speaking of money, this month you have a very positive full moon on September 29 at 6 degrees Aries, your second house of earned income. This full moon might bring money owed to you, or you may need to pay to cover a previous financial obligation.

Mars will take the lead at this full moon, and Mars will send a perfect, direct beam to his lover, Venus. Venus is tied to money (in addition to love, luxury, and beauty). Venus is currently in your work-a-day sector (sixth house), which tells me it is likely you will get an assignment or offer for a new job at the full moon September 29, plus five days.

Venus is in Leo, so it could come from a luxury brand or have something to do with the arts, music, or entertainment industries. Leo also rules the needs and care for children—education, clothing, children’s books and programming, toys, and so forth. One of these area may prove stellar for you and your income.

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