Pisces Horoscope for September 2023

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You may have noticed my Mercury retrograde dilemma. My Twitter account (@astrologyzone) was hacked, and I cannot get in. Twitter says they can’t verify that I am really me. I have been replying to my case number, sending evidence to prove my identity, including my trademark paperwork, to no avail. The hacker changed my phone number, email address, and my security questions. He also stole my identity elsewhere. My IT team has a good idea of who did this to me, but I am remaining mum.

I have 520,000 followers on Twitter who I want to be back in touch with soon. I love Twitter! My last post was August 13, and after that I could not get in. With all this going on, its’s been a time consuming process, and it’s a miracle I can write. If you know anyone at Twitter who can help me, please write to me at [email protected].

Thank goodness Mercury will go direct on Friday, September 15, just one day after the new moon appears on Thursday, September 14. You will see a big blast of energy once you get to Monday, September 18.

The new moon of September 14 is one of the sweetest new moons I have seen in a long time. It looks as though you will be joining forces with another person. This partnership may be created for a business reason, when you hire an expert to collaborate with you on a project, and you have a specific goal. If you are joining forces in love, this new moon bodes well for you to get engaged or married soon after September 14.

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