Pisces Horoscope for September 2023

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My daughter Chrissie called this week to ask when Venus would go direct. Chrissie wanted to have her hair trimmed and the color refreshed, and I said she could do that any time. She said, “No, I don’t like what my stylist did last time, so I am taking no chances.” Chrissie is Pisces with Libra rising, and Venus rules Libra.

Venus retrograde is a kind of somber time—not great for lavish parties or buying expensive jewelry, not the time to visit the spa for a pricy treatment or to stay at a multi-star hotel for a relaxing time away. It is not the time to have a first date either, no matter how exciting the chemistry may appear at the start. With Venus retrograde built into the birth of your new relationship, feelings are due to cool off soon and fall flat. Wait—you’ll be glad you did.

Thank goodness Venus goes direct on September 3 and will not retrograde again for 18 months. I think rather than resume activities on September 3, wait for Mercury to go direct, too. Mercury has been in retrograde since August 23, but will go direct on September 15 (the reason I mentioned this date earlier).

Mercury retrograde can be a frustrating aspect, and this time, Mercury was made stronger by being in Virgo, the sign Mercury rules. If you were dealing with difficulties in regard to technology, machines that suddenly showed wear and tear and needed repair, mail that never reached you, an inability to move projects forward because you were unable to reach VIPs for approvals, these and more difficulties can be traced to Mercury retrograde.

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